Visiting Dead Moms

My brother-in-law sent this photo over today. He and my sister went and visited my Mom’s grave in Jersey and he took a photo of the grave marker. Of course, seeing this gave me a huge cry, but I no longer feel deep sadness. I know she’s nearby.

I had an interesting experience the other day regarding Mom. I have a touch-base cell phone. This means my phone likes to dial people on its own or go to odd pages when I throw it down into my purse. It’s a quirky, little thing that I usually like to scream at. I was worrying about a situation with a loved one when I threw down my phone onto the table and left the room. When I came back, I looked down to see that the phone had opened up to the Calendar page to a date: May 5th. I felt shivers run through me. I will never forget that day. It was my Mom’s graduation to spirit. She was letting me know things would be okay.

Losing a mom at any age is a humbling experience. It’s a loss that goes down to the core and you need a great deal of time to heal and readjust. Even if you didn’t get along or you may have had a horrendous mother, it still shocks you and rearranges you. My mom had her faults, but she was a good mom who was very nurturing to me. I’m thinking that’s why she visits a lot; she’s still caring for me.

My mom has been making many spirit appearances especially in the last few years since I went through the Trauma of 2009. I think she knows I still need a Mom. In my meditations, she makes herself known by sending a mind picture of an owl. (She collected owl figurines). She has her own perspective on things, she’s not all-wise, but she still wants to help.

How do I know they are actual visits and not my desires and hopes? Or worse, these visits are the devil playing tricks on me?

For the first question, the answer is “I’m psychic. Duh.”

No, seriously, after years and years of developing my psychic, natural abilities, I can tell what is a spirit visit and what is my mind. With a spirit visit, you actually feel a presence in the room with you. I often get a “spirit hug” or my ear rings. The air shifts too. I will have an emotional reaction that bubbles up from within me. Mom feels less corporal or in a body since she’s been “over there” for quite a long time. And I can’t MAKE these visits occur or force her to give me answers. It doesn’t seem to work that way for me. We have quickie conservations mostly. I think if I was really out of it and in deep meditation I’d have more interactions with her. My mind wouldn’t be so in the way. The dream state has been best for that kind of communication; that’s where we usually hang out together.

Oh, and the second question about the devil, I bring this one up because many folks having psychic visits, go straight into fear from their religious teachings. That’s not helpful and it’s uninformed. My Mom isn’t some waking zombie from the dead visiting me, and if the devil wants to influence and trick me he already met me in the Trauma of 2009. He doesn’t need to come to me as my dead mother.

What is the biggest lesson or gift with my mom visits, is that constant reminder that we don’t lose that connection to whom we love. Love, like energy, doesn’t die. It more like floats. There’s just different dimensions or levels to bounce around in, and when I’m really open or in tuned, I can hear, or feel, or see.  At least, that’s my experience.

What’s yours?



  1. Hi, Ronni. My mom died in 2005. We did not have a good relationship. If she visits anyone, it wouldn’t be me, and I’m very happy about that. I have had visits from others, though. One of the people I hear from is someone I know and speaks in words. Another whom I have heard from only once and didn’t recognize, touched the back of my neck with a very cold finger. A third one, who seems to be present on the spiritual plane but not the earthly plane, appeared in dreams for my first 40 years or so. I have not seen him/her for maybe 20 years. The departed one I miss the most is my little girl cat. I always feel her love and presence when I’m home. I have her ashes in a box and I put it where she liked to sit.

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