It’s Spring and time for flower essences and fairies

It’s Spring! It’s Spring! And being outside for me in the forest or the garden is like food for me and my fellow “half-fairies.” Can you hear the call of Nature? My trees are getting their first little buds, the rose bushes are showing some life, and the birds are returning to my backyard trees. I can feel my spirit sigh in relief.

All this bursting of Nature is inspiring my fairy detective spirit. It’s not enough for me to just sit in Nature, I want to learn from it. I picked my first dandelions to make a flower essence the other day and was guided to make a few crystal essences according to their colors.

My first choice of flowers to buy at Home Depot was Pansies. Pansies are so wonderful for healing any sadness or heart issues. I grabbed the colors I was most attracted to — really striking white with purple insides. Their energy feels amazingly calming and wise. I am sure I will make an essence from them with permission. I need to go back there — Home Depot — problem is, I’m like a kid in a candy store there. I get that flower-high-thing going and it’s a little hard to leave. It feels like Home, so that store is correctly named. If I could, I’d probably go home with a hundred dollars worth of flowers. Hmmm…that’s an idea. Time to record my findings in my Repertory pages. Last year I made the purple pansy essence. This one feels somewhat different.


If you love flowers like I do, and are a bit of a fairy detective filled with curiosity, my new class, Flower Essences FEC100 starts on Friday in Fairy Online School. Head on over to that page to sign up.