Birthday party overload syndrome & new class formats

27 Mar

Want to read about the Birthday Party Overload Syndrome? Every sensitive has experienced it in their lifetime. See other readers special forests or Nature places. Be able to take a two payment option of classes! Subscribe to my Fairy Fabulous newsletter here.

Spotlight on:

Advanced Empath Skills ASC300: : This new class will feature two short lessons a week in digestible forms providing a tool you can use and then apply to fully develop your empathic abilities as the gift it is. Lessons will include:

  • how to sort through too many voices
  • how to know when you are “putting on someone else’s clothes” or reading other people and carrying
  • what happens when other people read you and use that to their advantage
  • discern true guidance: is it my mind or real help?
  • how to read the spirit or Guide/Angel of a person, not the person
  • what to do about body reactions to negativity
  • practicing the empath’s greatest skill: feeling
  • where you need very strong walls

To sign up go here. We need at least 4 students to run this class this session, so tell a friend and sign up early!

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