Should we just love everyone?

Designing Fairy mouths off…

I’ve been pondering a lot of messages floating about on the internet and social groups lately. Even my old church promoted just loving everyone and seeing their higher selves. I think that is an excellent idea, but there needs to be disclaimers with these types of messages.

Do you love the person who is abusive to you? Just smile and see their higher self? What about the jerk pushing over your boundaries and walking right through them? Some of this line of love thinking feels very hippy-I’m-high-on-something kind of crap when I am encountering these kind of individuals, so I am guessing, that’s where my anger comes in.

Here’s my advice: yes, love them. See their higher selves and RUN! I mean frickin’ run for that damn exit. Let them bother someone else then, and run past their boundaries and treat them like crap. Honey, I am not going to sit there and see the good they could possibly be, or that they are souls just like me underneath. Yes, so true, but right now they are toxic to me and I’m going to RUN!

I think the bottom line under all of that teaching about love is, do you love yourself? Do you love yourself enough to want to be surrounded by people who really care about your feelings and needs, and truly care about your boundaries? Do they hear you when you speak about your concerns, or, do they act like they hear you, but then trample over you anyway? Do you love yourself enough to not be abused by someone else’s bad behavior, that you might understand underneath why they are acting the way they are, but right now you will keep yourself safe and out of the line of fire?

So, yes, it is all about LOVE. Just love you, and love them enough to let them learn their own lessons, but far over there.



  1. “So, yes, it is all about LOVE. Just love you, and love them enough to let them learn their own lessons, but far over there.”

    I’m there with you Ronni ! Sometimes feel like I’m not being ‘nice’ if I’m not loving & patient all the time & want people to go away because they’re annoying me. But when I remind myself I don’t have to put up with such people, it’s like a burden lifting! In the long run it’s probably kinder to just remove yourself from their company.

  2. Well said, Ronni! There is a much higher element of life that we can share in – it’s about respect, responsibility, forgiveness AND boundaries!!

    I am coming to see that without self-imposed boundaries we are just angry at them all the time. It’s up to us to walk away for their crap rather than stand in it and expect them to be something different. Thanks for the remidner 🙂

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