Our next tour destination…fairies!

Our next tour destination for Help! I’m Sensitive book is the Faeries and Angels magazine. They’ve written a lovely review for me:

“Help! I’m Sensitive: 50 Tools for the Sensitive to Help You Survive & Thrive By Ronni Hall is an amazing book for sensitive people!!! Ronni shares her amazing insights and lessons on how to deal with being a sensitive person!!! She covers many topics such as using your gifts, dealing with psychic vampires, clearing yourself and valuing yourself! Thank you Ronni! I could really relate to all of the tools she gives regarding common situations. In one part Ronni talked about ways to get centered after being bombarded by energies! I found this lesson to be extremely therapeutic and eye opening! As a sensitive person I thought I just had to suffer in the world! Ronni explains how who we are is a gift and through self awareness sensitive people can thrive! I am looking forward to more books from Ronni!” –Andrea Dombecki, Contributing Editor of The Faeries and Angels Magazine
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