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Day two of the Book tour for Help! I’m Sensitive

Our next lovely tour destination is a trip to Australia! We head on over to visit Tarz (a.k.a, Indigo Cherub) at her White Cat Spirituality page on Facebook and at her blog. Here’s a little of what she’s been posting about the book:

Do you take on other people’s energy; can you feel the energy when you walk into a room; do you feel drained around certain people. I loved Ronni Hall’s book Help! I’m Sensitive! It explained a lot for me and gave me some useful skills to take back my energy ♥ please check out her website for book deets and some rad courses 🙂 I have also done 2 of Ronni’s courses, cost effective, informative and above all full of personality.– Tarz Jefferis

Here’s your tour directions: February 28th Tuesday: Blog review: And if you are on Facebook: (Tarz’s pages: ” I am a bringer of information because of my life purpose which is to spread peace and love. I love to blog, share and much more”)



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