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A few cool things being said…

If you aren’t on Facebook, and can’t access Lorraine Chittock’s site, here’s a few things she’s been posting:

“I’ve been invited to review HELP! I’M SENSITIVE by Ronni Ann Hall. One thing that impressed me was her note, ‘It’s not that I’m a little delicate flower who can’t survive in the world, in fact, I’m quite strong.’ I love that acknowledgment! A zappy little guide for us folk who see the world a bit differently…”

“Ronni Ann Hall‘s new book speaks to me. I’m someone who overreaches, making HUGE plans then feeling like I’ve failed because not everything came through. She says “…change needs to happen slowly and steadily. What we really fear is the drastic and that’s not what we want to create. We’ve had enough of drastic change in the past years, why hurt ourselves?” Geez, no kidding! Does this ring true for anyone else?”

Do stop by her website and check out her fabulous books.



I'm Ronni, a designing fairy living among the humans. I'm a writer, illustrator, and inventor who loves to share what I've learned to help others in a fun way, whether it's my Help! I'm Sensitive series for the empaths, Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck for the part fairies, or the Idea Emporium for budding designers, I hope my creations help make life more fun and easier while still providing needed tools. I live in a treehouse with my elf partner, giant ooh-yellow dog, a floppy bloodhound, and three step-fairies.

2 thoughts on “A few cool things being said…

  1. I just recently embraced my gift as an empath. I am 44 and have been treating it like it was a curse. That was from reading somewhere a long time ago from a psychic who WASN’T an empath. What a disservice she has done to us who are blessed with this gift. I think in order for humanity to evolve.. they will have to reawaken this lost gift that every soul has hidden deep and buried. This is our ultimate connection to each other for without the gift of empathy .. the human race will continue to live in a state of spiritual slummer. This in our connection to the force of Love. Blessings! 🙂

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