Happy Monday! Updates

I had a positively weird week last week with lots of shifting and releasing. How about you? Then on the weekend something just moved to the right and I felt much, much better. Not sure what that was about except I did experience some slimage from a few folks that would explain the down mood. The more I focused on trying to lift the mood, the worse it got, until I was even feeling invisible for awhile there! Freaky! I think at that point, I was being insulated and protected from having more damage. My best tool, which I didn’t take, would have been to head to Nature to rebalance and rid myself of the slime. Since I couldn’t do that with the cloudy weather, I ended up taking a nap instead, which did the trick.


Friday starts the Fairy Detective Clairvoyant class, so if you want answers to what you are seeing, and want to develop that psychic skill, head on over and sign up! It’s going to be a really fun class and I am already creating all the fun worksheets.

I have an interview tonight with the Phat Ladies of the Paranormal. Very excited. I will be talking about my experiences being an empath and some trusted tools, as well as, the Fairy Online School. Details here.

Next week is my Blog Book Tour! Very excited! Can you tell?

Have a good week, everyone! Fairy blessings!