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Flower Essences for Fear

The energies lately have been intense and bizarre. I’ve been doing a great deal of releasing of old stuff lately as different buttons have been pushed and poked at. Releasing is never really fun or pretty, but very necessary. With releasing usually comes FEAR. It’s one of those big emotions that blanket all the other ones we’ve kept inside. I’ve been guided back to Nature for support and help. Here’s some really good flower essences that help ease fear. Those with stars next to them are offered in my online shop on this website.

  1. One of my favorite essences is Bach Remedies’ Aspen. It’s perfect for free-flowing anxiety, psychic contamination (when you are empathically picking up others’ fears.) A few drops under the tongue is all that is needed. This essence can be repeated often until you feel calm again. Bach Remedies can be found in most health food stores.
  2. Fear of moving forward? Gilia* is a cool purple flower that is great for that. Take it with Squash* (the balls essence) and you will be forging ahead in spite of any fear.
  3. Fear for loved ones and their paths? Take Bach Remedies’ Red Chestnut. It’s for the worrier.
  4. Panic? That kind of fear? Take Rock Rose or Rescue Remedy, both Bach Remedies. If I fly, which I hardly ever do, I take the Rescue Remedy. I took this one when I recently made it to the dentist. Oooh, scary.

Enjoy the support of Nature! When I am lost in fears, one of the best thing I can do is head out to Nature to re-balance and to feel more grounded. When I am grounded, or calm, I can then see and think straight and can see what fears are legitimate, and which ones are just old stuff coming to the surface.



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2 thoughts on “Flower Essences for Fear

  1. Hi Ronni

    What flower essences would you recommend for getting past fears & blocks that would then lead to increasing all forms of communication with ease with spirit, animals, angels? Thank you

    1. Hi Holly. Depends on what kind of fears. I would recommend Prickly Pear Cactus (on my site) which is awesome for bringing up and moving past fears with more of the specific fear. Gilia (on my site) is for fear of moving forward. Squash essence (on my site) is good for courage to face fears. If you take Prickly Pear with Gazania (on site) helps with moving blocks to hearing. Aspen (Bach Remedies) is good for free-flowing fears or fear of psychic communication. Prickly Pear taken with Lilac helps with past life-created fears.

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