Fairy Philosophy and Who are Fairies?

Last night I had the privilege of teaching a fairy class over at Animal Spirit Network during the Mastery Hour Cafe. I have to say, they are truly lovely people over there, and Carol treats her faculty beautifully. It was a fun class where I led participants on a journey to Indian Gardens to bring back some needed Fairy energy.

Who are the Fairies? was one question we discussed in class. I teach and talk about Today’s Fairies. They are not the stars of fairy tales that steal babies and grant wishes, or are only encountered behind certain oak trees. They are everywhere, because the Fairies are considered the guardian angels of Nature. Nature, like the Earth, are a part of us, not separate, and our whole journey is to reconnect.

One way to do that is through Fairy Philosophy. I will share two parts to give you a little clue and get you started.

#1 is finding the joy in the little things. It’s not that fake positivity we are taught to hide behind. It’s true joy,wonder and awe you had as a child.

#2 make the process fun:  If you are studying in school or busy working in an office, can you have fun organizing with different colored post-its? Is there a way to make the process fun? Back when I was in college, I had to take a four credit college science class. Most of the ones offered were boring and serious and I dreaded it until I found a class in Oceanography. I have to say, that was one of the best classes I ever took! The class was given in a worn-out classroom at the Jersey shore. It was a long drive to classes each time but it was worth it when I came into town and smelled the ocean air. Assignments were carried out sitting on the beach with sand between my toes. That class made a huge impression on me and helped me realize the best way to learn was while having fun. (That’s how Fairy Online School is set up!)

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