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Guidance happening quicker

It’s been an interesting morning already. I have one puking dog — Sarah, apparently REALLY doesn’t like the new dog food we were trying for her — and a lively discussion over organized religion and its resultant shaming in some of our childhoods. I was knee-deep in this discussion and feeling rather upset when the Universe/God sent over two little old ladies to my door to give me a tract on the End times. I had to laugh. There’s no coincidences.

Yesterday, I was doubting a message I was getting that Sarah had metabolism issues being a much older dog. I turned on the computer and checked my email to find TAKE THE METABOLISM QUIZ. Instant validation.

Maybe this is what 2012 is all about. Faster and quicker messages. For those who are in touch with our intuition, we are seeing this. My thought is, that maybe we removed a great deal of crap in the way with our connection to Guidance/Support so there isn’t so much crap in the way to get to us. I like that idea; it implies we did a good job at our work on ourselves, instead of the usual how much more we have to do.

What have you noticed?



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One thought on “Guidance happening quicker

  1. I have noticed the same quicker “deliverance of guidance”, but it may be because I am consciously asking for it and paying closer attention. Last week I asked for abundance; five minutes later I was cleaning out my purse and found a check written to me two months prior that I had forgotten to cash!

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