It’s My Birthday What I’ve Learned List

I’ve always seen birthdays as the beginning of a new year. It’s at that time, we look over our lives and do a sum-up or a “where am I now” assessment. If it’s been a bad year, the birthday can be a little tough to handle. A good year, a breeze. This year, I look back and see a beautiful yet challenging year of real growth. Before I move forward, I’d like to reflect on what I learned. Maybe you can relate to some of these lessons. Drum roll please.

  1. There are many avenues to solve a problem or find answers. There is no ONE WAY. This includes in medicine, religion, and in life.
  2. Love, real love endures, and can’t be destroyed.
  3. Never leave hamburger in your garbage can for too long unless you like lots of crawly bugs. (Maggot Invasion of 2011)
  4. Trust in your guidance, but not blindly. Keep track of what you are receiving and what was a truth for you. We build trust with our spiritual helpers just like in any other relationship. You are creating a solid foundation.
  5. You know what is best for you.
  6. DO NOT leave out sweet potatoes on the counter unless you want them to be stolen. Protect what matters to you.
  7. People will surprise you–in good ways and in bad, but don’t lose hope in people. Encourage the good. It’s their choice from there. And some folks are just so broken they can’t  “act good.”
  8. The greatest joys are in the simple acts of love — being cuddled, a wet nose up against yours, a kind word from a friend, a heart-spoken loving letter.
  9. Sometimes it’s not your battle.
  10. We all just really want to be seen. (Think the movie AVATAR).
  11. I NEED to draw and write. It’s not a fun hobby. It’s my soul’s voice.
  12. True friends will hear you and what really matters to you and how you feel. And will HONOR that. I am grateful for mine.
  13. We sure don’t need to recreate our childhood patterns over and over, and yet we do. The key is to figure it out and get to those core beliefs that aren’t yours and throw them away. Then, with understanding you can have compassion for yourself and others. We are all just learning.
  14. God sent down dogs and cats so we can have just the slightest idea of what loving really is like. We had forgotten.
  15. Don’t eat a whole bag of microwave popcorn in one sitting.
  16. You can survive anything with good, consistent support; most of the time.
  17. Fairy energy is the key to happiness.
  18. We are connected to those we love. No amount of physical separation matters. They are  just a thought or feeling away.
  19. You have needs too and are just as important as everyone else’s.
  20. The key against abuse is to tell your story. Abuse is about powerlessness and stifling your voice. Let your voice be heard. That’s where your real power is.
  21. Critical people are usually just pissed off.
  22. I close with the words from a great movie, The Help. “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

Happy Holidays everyone! Fairy blessings,



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  1. cool, today is my birthday too! =D

    well, I learned we can’t prevent our friends from getting hurt just because we don’t want to see them heartbroken… it’s their life experience after all

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