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Technical difficulties and Being Psychic

Last week was very electric and I had a weird dream about why.

In my dream, I had a new skill. I could move things with my mind when I was very upset or emotional. Waking up, half delirious, I squinted my forehead and focused hard on a book on my side table. Could I move it? Nope, it didn’t budge. I figured either I was looney or I wasn’t upset enough.

I wasn’t sure what this dream meant and put it in the back of my mind with the rest of the mysteries I can’t solve.

Then my “things” all acted out at once.

My car, which was just fine, decide to have transmission complaints. It is an older model, so that made some sense.

I had an argument with my one friend and came home to bulbs blowing out at once, and all my photos on my cell phone disappeared mysteriously.

This had happened before. Back in June, after hearing really bad news, that same day my trusty computer’s hard drive died on me. Just like that, it refuse to turn on.

Logical mind says, Well, the computer was older, the bulbs needed changing, the car needs new parts. That is true. But the timing is so interesting.

Each time these things happened, I was very upset.

I’ve noticed before, that friends can’t hear me on the cell phone when I get too emotional. My voice goes in and out or there’s static.

When I did calm down from having that argument with my friend and found some peace, all my cell phone pics came back. They were just there.

Look, if we are all energy, we can affect other energy including appliances. Look at poltergeist activity or “ghosts” trying to move objects so we notice them.We read each other’s energy, are affected by their energy from far away.

Perhaps, just like my body will reflect what I am feeling and what is happening in my life (I am very somatic), maybe my things are just doing the same.



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