A Book to Avoid that got me going

As I hung out in the waiting area of the third auto mechanic I had visited for my car issues, (story comes later), I happened upon a delightful read that I know will appeal to all of my readers, students and clients. This is THE book to read if you want to put your head in the sand, hide under the bed and pretend that only organized religion can heal all your woes. Don’t go to a therapist if you have any mental illness or issues, definitely don’t use any kind of alternative medicine in any way to heal yourself, and don’t think positively or think your thoughts create your experience in any way. No, it’s best to grab this book, get under that bed, surround yourself with guard dogs and firearms and live in the 1950s all over again.


The back of the book reads, and I kid you not, “What are the dangers of the growing acceptance and practice of:

  • positive and possibility thinking
  • healing of memories
  • self help philosophies
  • holistic medicine”

I have images in my head of when electricity was invented. Did folks run in fear and claim it was from the devil? Did some still cling to the candle?

THIS is dangerous stuff and goes against everything I believe God is all about. This book got me going and upset for hours just flipping through it! What if you are mentally ill and need help? Of course we need to heal our memories. Better to walk around in trauma and pain? For me, God IS knowledge coming through to help me. That’s what is so beautiful.

I guess many of us are finally awakening and some of us prefer to just go back to sleep.



  1. The 2IC to the Archbishop of the Catholic Church here in Sydney was quoted in the newspaper some time back that – meditation was the work of the devil – or something to that effect. Meditation is evil… hmmm… what a statement!

    I think this line has only one purpose – to belittle people’s intelligence by staking claim over their freewill. The basis of modern Christianity seems to me, to be solely about taking freewill – just as this book proves. The Chuch continues to state that God gave us freewill in order to see if we would ‘behave’. But this line or approach is only promoted by the chruch powers. Not by what most of us see about God in our own hearts.

    So it seems to me that if we are taught to turn to ourselves such books have no power over us and only confirm the need of some entities to try to belittle the intelligence – Divine Intelligence, intuitive power, knowingness of God – within us. And what a disempowered line of approach they need to take – to strike at the core of our own intelligence means they are going for the lower of all lines of thought.

    I can’t see how religious thought has gotten so far other than some really persasive marketing… I think this is where much of the spirituality/new-age/personal power story loses out. We are up against the bohemeth of historical power… the Voice of the church, found in violence brought against those who dared deny the One True God, grounded their ability to ‘be listened to’. We are still suffering under the weight of the Chruch power. We are only just beginning to gain a personal or individual voice against such power and we have a long way to go…

    As a humanity, we are on an evolutionary scale here – we have a deeper freewill, emotional intelligence and much more than necessarily was ‘allowed’ in the past. They were told what to do and they did it. We seem to have a greater capacity to say ‘no’ to what we are taught. But how many of us were taught to listen and not dared to speak our own needs – as adults we still do that. We keep quiet rather than speaking out and saying that we don’t agree with what others are saying, thereby allowing their voice and only their voice a pathway, a leadership.

    Looking at our parents generation, they followed the rules. There was no overarching voice that said – ‘hey, you don’t need to listen to this: go your own way!’ – they didn’t have the media, the power, the Voice to stand up to the powers that be. It took that revolution in the 70s to really call people’s attention to their inner needs. This is the one that put a dent in our current generational thinking.

    Though, is there enough movement now within the poeple to claim more personal power back? I think there is, it’s just a slower movement. We people are not chanting in the streets, it becomes a very quiet and inner movement of power. And that inner power needs to take a deep enough hold for us to start to talk to our kids about a more heart-based God, a guiding force, not a tormentor or a judge over our lives.

    Would anarchy truly exist if we were each allowed to turn back to our own hearts? Or would we each have the capacity to temper our own moral decision making. We are not evil and need to be brought into line. We are in fact Divine Beings who need to be shown such. And who do we know, how do our children know, if we are not speaking this day in an day out through our own lives.

    Are we really going to sit back and let future generations carry the weight of that story of hiding our true selves, or are we going to take up arms with our own personal power and carve a space for different voices to be heard…

    I agree with you Ronni, it’s dangerous to not have two sides of the story allowed to exist. We simply don’t grow as human beings.

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