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If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right for you

I just learned an important lesson. And which is usually the case, I of course need to turn around and share, because that’s what I do.

As a intuitive empath, my psychic sense is rooted in my feelings. When I don’t trust those feelings, I run into trouble. Often, my spidey sense might not make sense at the time, might not even seem logical, but I find out later, those empath hits are spot on.

It was a silly thing really. I was rushing around buying dog food at my nearby feed store. I wanted to buy a small bag of the specialty dog food for Emma Lou I now have her on. The grain-free dog foods have been amazing for both girls’ health and wellness. I was a little miffed when I saw that the space on the shelf for the smaller bags was empty, so I asked the salesman at the counter if they had anymore. He explained I was better off getting the bigger bag financially and a whole bunch of other reasons, and I started the procedure to buy the bigger bag. I could feel my inner nasty fairy in a fit. I wanted the smaller bag. What was in my one bank account was enough, I knew, for the small bag. I had money coming over from my other account in a transfer but I wasn’t sure if it was in there yet. I felt actual resentment I was buying this big bag of dog food against what I wanted to buy.

Long story short, the big bag of dog food caused my overdraft to go into effect because the transfer did not come in time and that $33 bag cost me $68.00. I caught the intuitive feeling as I was walking away and went back to the store and returned the big bag for the little bag and the bank, later on, gratefully, was able to work with me clearing the fees. (this rarely happens with most banks.)

Lesson learned? Definitely a lesson in creating boundaries. I needed not to give in to the salesman and stand my ground. Two, don’t do overdraft protection with your bank cards. You are literally playing beat the clock with a computer who doesn’t care. Thirdly, I felt what wasn’t right for me and I needed to trust that inner intuition, which was basically telling me there would be a problem if I bought the bigger bag. This is good to know when anyone asks me to do anything. Does it feel right to me? Ignore logic or anything else in that moment, if it doesn’t feel right, and worse, you are feeling resentment, it isn’t right for you. No explanations are needed.



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