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Are Mediums part of the devil? I’m on my soapbox again

I have some things in life that get me going. The big one is ignorance. Ignorance is lacking knowledge. What bothers me the most is when someone chooses to stay without knowledge even though it is provided to them.

I’ve seen this before, folks actually believing that if you have mediumship abilities that you are working in kahoots with the devil. Oh, for goodness sake! Are you serious? No, really?

This is an awful belief for the many, many of us who are intuned to the spiritual world. What are you supposed to do, put a lampshade on your head and pretend you don’t feel or see the spirit in the room? That’s like ignoring the elephant in the room.
It’s a  little hard to arrange your furniture.

I watched a cute movie last night about an alien PAUL who gets stranded on earth. There is a funny scene where a woman who is strongly bible-based in her teachings is faced with the alien and she stares right at him and says he doesn’t exist basically because her teachings say he doesn’t.

Since I was six years old, I could sense spirits in the room. It was rather scary because I’d be screaming and my mom would rush into the room and see nothing but I sure could. It wasn’t an ability I embraced or felt support on how to deal with in any way. What a horrible belief, then, to say that I am from the devil or working with the dark because I have this ability! Could we create more fear? That’s a rather conditional acceptance. Much like if you were gay, or divorced, or short, or tall, or whatever…are any of these wrong? If God made us, we are what we are, and God thinks we are just fine as we are and must know about our abilities.

When we do mediumship or talk to spirits, we are not in any way replacing our connection or communication to God. Like we even could if we are a part of God. Sure, you can talk to bad or dark spirits if you aren’t careful, just like you can talk to dark or bad people in your every day life!

You know, anything can be of “the devil.” I can have an ability for anything and can twist it to work for the dark or the bad. It’s my intention or how I use my abilities. If I use my mediumship abilities to hurt people and take advantage of them, yes, that’s not a good thing; that’s hurtful. But it’s an ability to see or feel and it can help give someone help or closure or continued relationship. That’s a miracle. That’s all good. Miracles and good are from the light, not the dark. God is all about miracles.

My bigger question is, what are folks afraid of when they ask this question? What’s really happening? Are they questioning their teachings? Are they afraid of what they may hear or discover? Are they just not ready? Do they need the world or life to fit into a small box so they feel safe? Then we honor where they are and slowly back away.We are all here learning different things with different understandings at different levels.

My concern is more for the beginning and lost natural mediums out there who don’t need to feel like they are ostracized and wrong for who they are. It’s just an ability you have like being able to sing well, or dance. You can just see or feel or hear. You’re evolving and growing. The world has many layers and dimensions and you’re just picking up on that.Your blinders are being taken off.

And next time I pick up on my Mom visiting and floating nearby, I am going to thank God over and over again for this gift he/she gave me so I can have a continued relationship with the woman who meant so much to me.




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One thought on “Are Mediums part of the devil? I’m on my soapbox again

  1. Excellent post Ronni!! I don’t know what people are afraid of there but mediums/intuition and related abilities unnerve people like nothing else does. Fear of the unknown?? Some people are just non believers however intuition/mediumship/empaths definitely exist:) I consider my gifts from God and I certainly don’t think they are from the devil;) …perhaps they are considered ‘discernment’.
    And yes anything can be turned into darkness …used for evil or whatever.

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