Getting it right

The following is from the my new class, Fairy Healing the Feminine, that starts on Friday. Sign-ups still happening so rush on over to reserve your space.

We share as a country, a universal need to “get it right.” We watch television programs, such as American Idol, that judge our performances and lavish praise only after we “get it right,” and it is someone else’s version of right. On the other side of this belief is our desperate need for approval, but when it’s never right we never receive what we need. We are still expecting someone else to deliver it to us. Because at that glorious wished-for moment, when we are told we’ve gotten it just right, our shoulders release, our body sighs, and pride fills our empty container. Without this we are still waiting, always on the Tarmac, never taking flight.

The answer to healing our shared belief is to forego waiting and reward our efforts now. It is the new female energy coming in to finally help us claim our prize. Balancing our need to be, this soft gentle voice tells us we already are. Yes, we may not have dotted all our “I”s, and maybe we’ve made mistakes and might have done things “wrong,” but who cares. We are learning and that’s good, because that’s why we are here, after all. It’s the voice of compassion–new to some of us. The Great Mother, who tells us it will all be all right; we’ve done our best. This voice is more concerned with the journey and how we feel. Just once when I watch American Idol I want to hear the judge say, “Yes you sang badly, but did you have fun?”

Fight this old thoughtform with its worn-out jagged edges. You will never get it right, nor are you supposed to. You are meant to learn and learn you do. And soon you will one day wake up smiling, because rather than focusing on checking off all the rules, you will remember instead to enjoy—really deep down enjoy—the journey, and for that, you will have accomplished something real. You will know what it feels like to have true pride and self-approval.



  1. Other people’s version of “right’ has never ever worked for me LOL When I hear someone say this is the ‘right’ way to do something, that inevitably that person is really saying my way is the only right true correct way to do it!! This makes me want to run for the hills as far away as possible, screaming at the top of my lungs while doing so LOL

  2. I thought you might like that image of running for the hills, Ronni:) I d also have the urge to run for the hills when I hear “this is the way it’s always been done (whatever it might be LOL) And a huge empath cave sounds positively delightful!!!! I want one of those in the backyard although it would need to be heated for the winter months here LOL Temps at or below zero here in the winter…an empath could freeze LOL

  3. Yes, we do love our comfort! It’s a necessity after being out there in the world with all the extroverts et al who push their ways on us…ways that leave us gasping for some empath sanity;)

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