Out from under the bed

Our beagle girl, Lilibeth, lived under the bed most of her long life. Now, don’t get me wrong, we weren’t these horrible abusers who forced her there. She had her rather timid side and somewhere along the way, learned that under the bed was a safe place to watch for dangers. She often stole things of interest and dragged them into her beagle lair and we’d find the funniest things, often what was missing. What Lilibeth taught me, as a sensitive person, was maintaining the gentle balance between being under the bed and coming out from under the bed. Not an easy task.

In my enthusiasm, I can be too “out” and social and find myself picking up on everyone’s feelings, tired, and seriously overloaded. My first signs of overload can be a head cold, ungroundedness that looks like I’m a complete airhead, or the worse one, bitchiness and a short temper.It will feel like my skin is too uncomfortable to wear.

Too “in” looks a little like I’m a crazy person–a tiny bit paranoid, fearful, claustrophobic and obsessed with figuring out the big puzzles of the world. That’s the extreme. You know when you are too “in” when you get that weird look in your eye and the world seems scary and threatening.

I do like the under the bed technique but there are too many dustballs under there so I can’t stay too long.

For an empath, balancing the two really is about being very aware of what your body is feeling and listening. With the energies going around right now, it’s no wonder we are all inclined to stay under a little longer.  And that’s okay, as long as we venture out a bit also. The world needs your energy.


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  1. oh, I relate to this! Balance is always tricky for a sensitive…am doing better in knowing how much to be out there in the world and how much to keep some space between me and the world. Though I still sometimes overstay my time out in the world and start absorbing everyone’s energy … leaving me wondering the feelings bubbling up are mine or someone else’s stuff. Still struggle with how to figure out when the energy is mine and when it’s not.

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