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Wonky cold and class time change

I kept getting guidance to go rest. I thought that was sweet and caring advice. I tried to rest, but the energies were so wired lately that I’d spend my nights wide awake with my mind rambling on. I am naturally wired, but this was a little crazy. I felt better when I talked to my dear friend Pamela, who is an angel reader. She let me know that almost all of her clients lately that have called her all had insomnia! Anyway, because of the energies and a crazy week emotionally last week, including Sarah’s weird vet visit, my Dad’s health scare and a couple of other events, I overloaded a bit. I wouldn’t have noticed this overload until my body gave me this nasty cold. Empaths, pay attention. That’s a sure sign you’ve taken in too much.

In other news, the Fairy Healing the Feminine class has a new start date and will not start Friday but will start with the rest of the September session on the 24th. So, if you want to sign up, you still can. And for others, then, there’s time to save up to sign up for the class.



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  1. I also experienced some insomnia recently – restlessness… not wanting to sleep like I was anxious I’d miss something;) Odd, eh? Rather than lay in bed just tossing and turning, and with my mind in a whirl, I read…

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