Ronni’s Psychic Tip: ear ringing

Spirit activity has been very busy lately. What I am seeing with myself and my friends and clients is an increased psychic ability. Blame the solar flares perhaps, but I do have one theory. What if we are succeeding at removing so much of our “stuff” that was in the way of our abilities? Perceiving was always there, but our vision was fogged over. I like that idea. We’re actually doing a good job, not another thing we need to improve.

Which leads me to this week’s psychic tip. Have you had any ear ringing? Sometimes it’s your Angels popping in to give you a message. Other times, it’s spirit making a visit. Yesterday, I had quite a bit of ringing. Finally I yelled, “What do you want?” It’s best to be more polite and cordial in these situations. I took the time out to tune in and see what I got. Usually, a face will pop into my head mentally or a thought to identify the caller. Sometimes, the spirit will just be delivering a message and you may not be sure who it’s from except to feel it’s a he or a she. That happened yesterday. I was just yelled at for not drinking enough water.

Of course, ear ringing can be you have water in your ear from swimming the day before, or you have a food allergy. Psychic ear ringing is usually sporadic and sudden and you have a gut feeling a presence  is nearby.

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  1. Also high blood pressure and Tinnitus can cause ringing in the ear as well. My father a WWII vet suffered from this sporadically for years. His hearing was damaged from the lack of ear protection and artillery fire. I can’t help but think at times who was trying to talk to him.

    I have a very food allergic kid. I had no clue food allergies can cause ringing in the ear. It’s good to know…..

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