Fear and psychic ability

My dog, Sarah, just got back test results that says her liver is off. I’ve been an animal communicator professionally for almost twelve years and, this gives hope to beginning students, I still have moments of doubt when working with my own animal, especially when dealing with FEAR.

FEAR sucks. FEAR is one of those biggies that get in the way when trying to connect psychically. We doubt big what we get when:

  1. we are hoping/wanting an answer (I can’t do pendulums. They swing however I want vs. correct answers.)
  2. we are fearing a particular answer

Many times fear from the past gets in the way. Sarah, being an older dog, has been having accidents in the house. Immediately, FEAR steps in and I think KIDNEY. After a long battle with kidney disease that was really awful, we lost Foxy. I didn’t want that path for Sarah. So, when I checked in with her, sometimes, I’d think, maybe it’s kidney but I’m blocking that answer. My gut didn’t say that though, and gratefully, her kidney levels are fine.

There’s something about being that close to our “client” that makes it harder to read our own animal when the fear comes in. And often times, we aren’t meant to hear an answer yet. One of my closest friends’ dog was very ill. None of us received psychically that she had cancer but her body was riddled with it. In that case, it was best that she didn’t know.

I don’t feel that this time with Sarah. Something doesn’t feel right with the possible diagnoses.

I remember way back when Foxy was with us, she collapsed in the backyard with high liver levels. The vet went on and on about advanced liver disease, but I heard a simpler answer. She had just had heartworm medication that it appeared to me that she strongly reacted to.  She communicated to me “Medicine! Medicine!” Advanced liver disease was cured over night with this answer.

I find this all ironic because one of the biggest challenges my Fairy Online School students relate is not trusting what they get. “Did I make that up or did I hear my animal?” is a big concern. I always tell them to trust their gut, especially the empaths and the sensitives. That they will know what feels like a definite “yes” and truth, and what is their own mind with practice.

It is best to try to communicate with your animal, then, when you are clearer and calmer and in a more neutral space. I’ll probably go take a walk in Nature, or paint to hear clearly and get past that wall of fear I am having. THEN I’ll tune in to Sarah. Many times it will be easier then to reach me with true guidance and information.