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Update to the Post Office Story

Empaths, repeat after me: My Perceptions Are Correct. Remind yourself often.

In my eBook, Help! I’m Sensitive: 50 Tools to Help you Thrive and Survive (offered on this site, incidently), I mention a story of catching a bad mood that wasn’t my own. The story tells of a post office clerk who passed along her bad mood to me, and being an empath, I began to sponge in the bad feelings until I realized what was happening and stopped the process.

My empathic sense that day was that the clerk was very burn out and angry, and I kept feeling she needed to leave this job. It was the job.

Interestingly enough, I found myself in the same post office the other day.  My stomach dropped when I saw who one of the clerks were behind the counter. I was in such a rush I had forgotten that I might bump into her again. Imagine my surprise when I glanced over to the side of the counter under her work station to see signs of “Happy Retirement,” and “Good Luck.” There was even a sign that said “Today is her last day. Wish her luck.”

Wow. My spidey sense was right on target! She WAS burn out. This was a woman who was counting down the days until retirement so she could leave and do what she really wanted to do. Like Senior days in high school, as graduation grows closer, the less you can tolerate school. And I am so glad I did recognize her feelings with my own, and I didn’t take them on and take her behavior personally. Well, I started to, but I caught it. A very valuable tool for all sensitive empaths.

Don’t you just love validation for lessons learned? And, what were the chances I’d be there her very last day?



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5 thoughts on “Update to the Post Office Story

  1. yes, I can relate totally to picking up someone else’s negative energy and catching myself just in the nick of time from absorbing that! Ironically I used to work for the post office and it’s frequently a place that can suck the life force right out of you. It’s an incredibly BORING job, and there are so many people working there who should not be … only they do not realize it and/or feel they cannot do anything else that’s more stimulating. From the time I entered the post office, until I left after more than 14.5 years (14.4 years too long:), it was the union’s relentless negative comments about how bad management treated the ‘poor workers’, how down trodden they were, etc etc. It was the same day in/day out. Yet many workers chose to buy into that for a number of reasons and became very negative, and not surprisingly depressed. The wages that are offered are much higher than elsewhere but the job itself is very low level … the only thing that I stayed for is the money, and that is a very poor reason for staying at a job. I had to really work hard to not absorb the negativity at the P.O. At the time, had no idea I’m an empath although I was very aware of very distinct differences between myself and other employees – just couldn’t pinpoint what they were. Couldn’t understand then (and still don’t) why they buy into all the union BS… they are shamed if they think any other way than ‘union’… I know I was. They are given no other choice as union membership is mandatory.

  2. Yes, it’s not such a great place to work, and that would be an understatement. It’s not a place for someone who’s got the least bit of ambition, mind of their own, etc and definitely is the very worst place for an empath to work! Recall when all those shootings were taking place at post offices many years ago… it was always some weird worker who flipped out who was the perpetrator, always described by the media as a loner. Chances are that worker was pushed to the edge by coworkers, and likely an empath who soaked up all the toxicity in that work environment. If a person working in a union environment is in the least bit different it can go very badly for him/her. Unions want/demand complete conformity, and loyalty and the consequences are bad. That is a threat that most workers will obey to the letters for fear of blackballing. It’s not unlike a serf in the middle ages being obliged to swear an oath of fealty for fear of being outcast and therefore ‘non existant’ in society. Needless to say, I’m not a big fan of unions, it’s a very ugly form of organization that operates like a cross between the mafia and old time communists.

    1. Just thought that this would be good for an empathic person to read if they are even considering working in the post office! My husband used to work for them but he was a mail carrier in a rural area and really liked the socializing and independence of the job. Much different than being behind the counter.

  3. Yes, it would be good for anyone who’s in the least empathic to read that! Being outside most of the working day probably isn’t as bad as being indoors their entire shift. Being behind the counter or working behind the scene are both bad. Both have the negative influences from the union plus the the person on the front counter serving the public has additional stress from the attitude the public has …. I’ve been in that position too, and some of the public can be profound and utter pains in the butt! So it’s hardly any wonder that she was cranky/grouchy. Also there are some individuals who just should not be serving the public in any capacity, it just stresses them out too badly. Think they’re likely empaths/INFJ but have no clue. It may be this woman had enough seniority to get this day position …. seniority is everything in a union environment and one’s ability/talents/skills doing a job count for nothing. The date you started work is EVERYTHING and know there are many cases where the person is totally unsuited to a particular job but is able to get it merely because they have been at the job the longest. That to me has got to be the most inefficient use of human resources that has ever been conceived of and just breeds mediocrity in the workplace. When employees care more about what the union approves or doesn’t approve of than they doing the best job they can, there are serious problems in that system.

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