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7 Flower Essences You’ve Got to Have for Summer

I really love flower essences. They are perfect for assisting in healing emotional issues. Essences will get to the heart or core of the issue you are dealing with. Out of nowhere, it would seem, you have “a-ha” moments and big lightbulb thoughts bursting over your head, giving you new understanding or a new perception to heal that issue.

It’s summer in the States right now and that means a good time to slow down and reflect.

There are seven really good flower essences that come to mind when I think about this time of year.

  1. Jasmine Tree. Summer is a time where you can relax and can nurture yourself. We used to have this sweet little tree that sat in our bedroom given to me by my dear friend, Jan. I made an essence from it. This tree’s essence has the healing pattern of nurturance. Taking the essence, I feel taken care of, comforted and loved. Recently, this essence was indicated for my basset girl, Emma Lou, who was recovering from an ear infection. She felt traumatized from the office vet visit and needed reassurance. I take it to remind myself to take care of me, not just everyone else.
  2. Lavender. Once I finally slowed down, I realized that my nerves were shot from all the running around and busyness. Lavender calms down my nervous system and smooths out all the jagged edges so I can relax. Ahhh.
  3. Red Salvia. We’ve had several eclipses, crazy world events and personal events. I’m emotionally tired this summer! I grab for the Red Salvia which is both emotionally calming and grounding. I can take this one as often as I need so I don’t get caught up in the tornado around me.
  4. Soaptree Yucca. It’s hot here in Arizona. It is the desert. When it’s hot and even muggy, my brain gets mooshy and it’s hard to concentrate and think. That’s when I grab for my Yucca essence that helps me feel clear-headed and focused.
  5. Candi Rose. Since it’s summer, I am in a creative mood. I need those creative juices to flow and inspire me. This is the one rose essence I made recently that really jump starts my imagination. The flower itself is so perky and fun; it smells like candy. When I think of candy, I think of toys and being a kid, and playing. What a great state of mind to be in to create.
  6. Turpin Cactus. In order to take a break in the summer, I need to lighten my load. I’m not usually good at this so this cactus essence assists me. Great if you are one who has too many responsibilities and think you can never take a break.
  7. Aloe. I like to use summer to focus on healing. Whether working with issues from the past I want to reflect on, or to clear up some health issues that I’ve neglected to take care of. Aloe is great additional support. Super for helping your body heal summer colds and allergies.

So, there you have it. The seven essences or nature tools I recommend for summer. Essences can be taken with a glass of water or drops placed under your tongue twice a day or as needed. What’s really cool about essences, is they are vibrational and non-chemical, so they are very safe for sensitive people. You can buy any of these at my Flower Essences for Sensitive page.



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