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Computer-fried and updates

Apologies to all lately as my poor computer decided to die last Monday. Let’s take a moment to bow our heads in respect for the memory of my laptop. I bought the computer used with a new hard drive only two years ago, and when I brought it in fried to the computer helper lady I learned it was 7 to 9 years old! So much for Ebay.

It wouldn’t start up. It kept repeating over and over that it couldn’t read the hard drive.

Even weirder, my Guides informed me in meditation that it was best for me to stay away from the computer for awhile. We are so influenced by negative energies coming at us, and maybe being an empath, I am unaware of what I am exposing myself too. So, once I get my new friend I will put some guidelines on where I will cybersearch and how much exposure I will have.

Instead, I’ve spent a great deal of time in my yard and with my Girls, and although I thought I’d have the dt’s and the shakes from lack of use, I was fine and felt much calmer.

I will definitely be parked right here in Ronni’s Psychic Room, and involved in my online classes. Thank you to all my beautiful and lovely students! And I hope to be back up and running by Wednesday.


Heads-up…I will be teaching a Fairy Communication class over at Animal Spirit Network on Thursday night as a teleclass if you are interested.

And when I am up and back running, a new podcast!

If you are thinking of taking a fun online class this summer, please note the next session is now currently taking students for the July classes. Very cool for the hot days.

Fairy blessings,



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