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Manifesting and Odd Timing

Sometimes what we want can be manifested years ahead and not when we intended. I found a whole bunch of drawings from my sketchbook including this one back in 2007 when I was trying to manifest my ideal backyard:

My backyard now has rose bushes everywhere and flowering bushes. I just planted vegetables (although, between you and me, the celery looks a little wonky), and there’s a ton of amazing trees. There’s lots of privacy and I can paint outside but I like to inside. And Emma Lou, like in the drawing, is happily strolling along the garden with the Fairies. The fence looks like that also. And the pet door.

Could be manifesting or just psychic vision. That happens a great deal, too. Interesting…



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3 thoughts on “Manifesting and Odd Timing

  1. Have noticed similar activity within the last six months although it could have been happening previously…I just didn’t connect things before?? For me, I’ll be out shopping, notice something that catches my eye and I’ll find myself buying it though it’s not needed at that time. Six months or more will pass before I actually use the item (99% of the time it’s art related:)… manifesting or psychic vision, I haven’t a clue but immensely glad I have this going on as it saves a lot of time out searching for exactly what I’m needing LOL

  2. Oh is it ever! lol while I sometimes don’t always appreciate some aspects of being empathic/psychic, this is one aspect that’s a good thing (oops, I seem to be channeling Martha S. here;))

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