Are you becoming more sensitive?

It’s Friday and I’m teaching Fairy Online School. Woo-hoo! I’m totally digging teaching the mini-class about Roses. The lesson I received to teach for Lesson 3 is kinda mind-blowing for me and talks about the mission of the Roses.

Are you becoming more empathic? Have you noticed? It seems the more we get rid of our “mud” the more clearly we can see and the more pronounced our abilities. And before you yell at yourself for being so sensitive, like I had one moment the other day, stop and realize what a gift this is.

I’ve been picking up much lately. A dear friend of mine had a problem with spirits in her house and wanted me to pick up what I “got.” Ordinarily, I would need to go quiet my mind, relax, etc., but the information was just there. Instantly. I was actually knee-deep in watching a good show and my attention was elsewhere. That surprised me. Was it that easy now?

The other day, I was in the library and had a sudden, bad stomach ache. I wondered if it was food poisoning or too much milk. When I asked if it was foreign, I received that it was someone else’s energy in my space. They were thinking strongly about me. Once I acknowledged it, made a boundary by asking for it to go away, it did.

We do need to work on stronger protection around us, so we don’t have intruders in the first place. That’s very important, because we need to have safe space for us to breathe. With everything, we are not perfect and can’t be constantly on guard. Sometimes, stuff and folks get pass the guard. Being that sensitive, and immediately picking up that foreign energy or the energies around others, is the next step in our empathic evolution. When you are aware of the foreign energy, is the gift. It’s often when we aren’t, that we take it on and suffer so much. We carry it around like heavy backpacks and wonder why we feel so crappy.  It’s finally using our empathic ability as the gift it is. THAT’S better protection.

Signs you may have foreign energies intruding into your space:

  • SUDDEN is the key word here. You feel good one moment and awful the next. Sudden stomach aches. Sudden overwhelming emotions. If you are releasing emotions, there’s a different feel to them. It’s more gradual.
  • You will feel bad like there is a dark cloud over your head you can’t get rid of.
  • You feel crowded or influenced negatively. I notice when some spirits come around who are tricksters or troublemakers my thinking will change to fearful or negative out of nowhere. If you ask them to stop and your thoughts seem to go away immediately, you’ve got visitors.

Becoming aware is the next step in your Advanced Empathy.


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  1. Yes, I am becoming more empathic, and thanks for a list of the signs of other energies influences

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