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Spirit contact, Lorraine’s books & Pine


Lorraine Chittock sent over two of her books that I am mentioned in. So exciting! Dogs without Borders and On A Mission from Dog. Both books look beautiful. I’ve already started reading and the tales of Lorraine and her dogs’ adventures are fascinating. What a cool woman. It was  helpful to read of her reactions to the reading I did for her and what a client experiences. It’s obvious there are so many invisible hands helping out in a reading providing information. Check out her site here to order.


Arizona Pine essence is now available! This is the one to help you shift those beliefs about deserving. I really dig this essence and how helpful it is. It is powerful at first and brings beliefs up. Hang in there. It then shifts it rather lovingly. Tree support is so important right now as we experience many emotional shifts. Go to the Essences for the Sensitive page to order.


Yesterday, had a cool experience. In meditation, my belated Foxy visited. And perhaps, for the first time, I felt her touch me. She’s been a very active Guide for Bill the last year and she comes in to help me often. I felt her touch my toe! I thought, at first, having such an analytical mind that it was a sudden toe spasm, but I do know in a reading everything that happens is information. The more I noticed the toe touch and said that I did out loud, the more I felt it. I then felt my other toe tickle. When I tuned in she said she wanted my attention and was excited! Finally, I told her to stop touching my toe, that I’d listen to the messages, and it instantly stopped.  Cool. It’s like an episode of Ghosthunters. Most of the info I get is in feeling or hearing, but rarely does a spirit touch me (except for the hugs I have mentioned before in this blog). Have you ever had that experience?


Speaking of spirits, I love the class I wrote, Talking to Angels, Guides and Dead People. It’s fun yet informative. Now’s the time to sign up for the class starts in May. Head on over to the FAIRY ONLINE SCHOOL page for details.


Stop by my blog on May 1st. It’s fairy day. Oooooh. There might be some surprises.

I’m off to play in the garden. This is supposed to be my day off. Yeah, right.



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