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Fairy Visits and writing my deck

For a lovely diversion from heavy work and serious topics, I’ve been diving into putting together my Healing Fairy Alphabet deck. The weather here over in AZ has been magnificent so I could finally make it to my Fairy Castle’s backyard. The roses are starting to peek out from tiny green buds, the leaves are bursting off the trees, and the feeling of Fairy is coming back to the yard.

The other day, after going through a tough time, and my head was going round and round in circles, I kept hearing guidance to just go sit in the yard. I grabbed my trusty basset hound, Emma Lou, and we took off and sat in the swing. I’m glad I did. I am so fairy inside of me that after a quick nap in the sun, I was normal again, well, relatively normal. I do talk to Fairies, after all. The yard has brought me into balance that fast.

I’ve been putting my proposal together for my fairy deck and organizing and compiling lessons for it. Still stuck on the letter “K” card, but it will come to me soon. Halfway into organizing, the top of my head felt suddenly cool and funky. I felt a wave of silly come over the room. Emma Lou immediately took to the carpet and wiggled onto her back getting a buzz off the joy vive that just entered. Fairy energy is cool like that. I immediately knew to add a few lessons, change a few around, and omit one to the deck. There’s a fabulous new card in the deck that is about believing again after the world brings you down. I’d give more details but I don’t want to share too much until it’s ready…

Will keep you posted.

Fairy blessings,



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