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I’m not that kind of psychic

On Facebook, once, I got in big trouble when I said if I was THAT type of psychic–able to tell the future– I’d play the lottery to win. The woman, being very virtuous, said, “Oh no, you shouldn’t use your gifts for that.”

It was funny at the time. But this incident did bring up an interesting question. There are psychics that predict things. They can “see” if you are going to have children, or move, or jump up and down sideways in the next five minutes. These predictions, of course, can change with your choices. You could go right instead of left.

I am not one of those kinds of psychics. And yes, I’d probably play the numbers. If I had a ton of money, I could really help and reach out to a great deal of people.

My gifts lie in talking to Spirit. I cheat a little. Your Guides come in and tell me what you need to know, or if one career would be better, or what you are working on. They whisper in my ear. That’s how I know so much. The same for the animals. If they don’t tell me, I don’t know. I could empathically feel what feels right or wrong, what your soul wants, but even that is psychic information I’m picking up. I have no idea how the psychics that do predictions to what they do. It’s just a different gift. And to be quite honest, only in the last few years do I call myself a psychic. I’m not comfortable with that title. I just am what I am and what I can do that I think many can.

And yes, like everyone else, I get pissed off at my Guides when they won’t tell me what is going to happen. They only know probabilities, or your big picture blueprint, and they’ve been pretty cool lately letting me know, at least, that things would be okay or work out vs. being a disaster.

We all want to know timing. When will this happen? I wrote  a funny blog post on this topic. It never seems to be exact unless of course, it was from my reincarnated dog who came back in March and said March. She was quite accurate.

If you are a fellow empath or medium, that’s how you get your psychic information. It’s passed along. The empath part–you can go in deep and read what’s there or felt. I’ve done this with medical issues in animals, but I think it’s more info from the animals telling me and their Guides.

What kind of psychic ability do you have?



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3 thoughts on “I’m not that kind of psychic

  1. I also do not have any kind of ability to tell the future nor do I want that. It’s a very intuitive process, it’s very strong empathic ability, picking up on energies around me.

  2. Well, let’s see…

    I know things before they happen – things that cannot be change any more, so I can “see” the future that has been already defined by our choices. Yet this is automatic skill, which means I have no control over it. Sorry, no lottery numbers :).

    Let’s skip intuition and sensitivity, this is quite normal for every psychic, right? I’m also highly empathic, emotions of people and events do have strong influence over me.

    I can also clairvoyantly perceive your chakras and energy body, it’s useful for health diagnosis and for helping people with their own development.

    1. I think it’s normal for your psychic gifts. Seeing auras and energy body, many do not have. That’s very cool. As a kid I’d have dejavu experiences right before something bad would happen, but I didn’t register that as premonitions. I guess everyone has their own psychic recipe, so to speak.

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