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Spirit and Angel Hugs

Yesterday I was feeling sad and reflecting on a problem I had, and I felt a presence to the right of me say, “It will be okay. It will work out.” I then felt a spirit hug: yummy chills up and down my body. I love that!

Because I like to teach and share my experiences, I did what every detective and scientist would do. I analyzed what happened.

Was the voice inside my head like my own thought or outside my head? No, I’m not schizophrenic and hear voices, so it did come into my head like when I experience telepathy with the animals. It was more a foreign thought then my own. I was feeling sad and working on my site before this visit message, and that is where my focus was. I wasn’t thinking positively.

I experimented later on–forcing a thought to come through. It was like mind constipation. It sure didn’t flow. I also noticed that my head went quiet and I felt alone in the room vs. when I heard the message.

In my classes, I often have students practice the “rubber ball” technique. Students are divided into teams of two and practice sending with their minds different images of different colors, like a rubber ball. Students do a terrible job when they are trying so hard. No one receives any correct images. And forcing to send an image so forcefully creates so much psychic static no one can hear.

Spirit or Angel? I’d have to say Spirit. Spirit guides and friends are those who have passed and we have loved. Angel messages, for me, feel more behind me, feel large and encompassing. Spirits feel like they are in the room with me and communicate through telepathy or thoughts. I can feel if they are feminine or masculine. If I had tuned in more and asked, the spirit may have told me who they were, but it was a quick visit.

Your Spirit Guides can serve as guardian angels. I know mine do.

Have you had a spirit or angel hug during a visit?



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