Why Being Empathic Can Suck & Not Suck

Here is my top 10 lists why being Empathic can suck and not suck.

The 10 Reasons Why Being Empathic Can Really Suck:

  1. You can feel deeply when loved-ones are in pain. Sometimes, you can confuse what they feel with what you feel.
  2. The world can overwhelm you. Bad things happen like the tsunami in Japan, and you feel deep pain, sadness, ennui, and helplessness.
  3. You can feel deeply intimate and close to others when it may be hard for them to return the favor.
  4. You can have lots of astral and mediumship visits, hear your animals, and there are tons of voices or feelings and information coming towards you.
  5. The planets moving around and the moon cycles affect you where others walk around mindless and untouched.
  6. You have access to deep information which others don’t have and therefore, you feel the need to jump in all the time.
  7. You feel deep responsibility.
  8. Your feelings are easily hurt and wonder why others can be so cruel with their words.
  9. You care about other people. A LOT.
  10. And number 10, folks can look at you a little crazy because you can see the Fairy light in the bush, you hear your animals’ thoughts and you know someone is upset even when they insist they are just fine.

Empath, before you go jump off the bridge, I offer the 10 things that don’t suck about being an empath.

  1. Because you feel deeply, you really experience life and all its pieces. You’re really living your life richly and thoroughly.
  2. Yes, the world can be overwhelming, but you have healing and psychic abilities that others may not have and can make a big difference in healing the world.
  3. Yes, you can feel closer to others, but you teach them how to really love and love themselves. What a gift that is and what a teacher you are. Plus, you can feel love from many places to fill up with.
  4. Being psychic, your world is not limited. It’s expansive and filled with mystery. You don’t have to accept that a loved one is gone or that there is a separation between you. You know and feel there isn’t.
  5. You are in-tuned with the earth and can better heal you and itself.
  6. That deep information helps you understand other people and have compassion for them so you don’t need to judge or fall for surface stories.
  7. That deep responsibility makes you a honorable and trustworthy person.
  8. Your feelings get hurt easily, but this allows you to teach others that have no sensitivity at all. You have what they miss and need.
  9. There’s nothing wrong with caring about other people. It’s why we are here–to help ourselves and each other along the road. How cool is that?
  10. If crazy is being open to all the magic in the world, why would you want to be closed off from that?

So, you see dear empath, you are gift to the earth and what looks like something wrong is something very right.

Fairy blessings,


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  1. agree 200% on both the sucky parts and the not so sucky parts of being an empath! Sometimes it does seem as though the sucky parts dominate, though! Being an empath is NOT for sissies LOL

      1. can’t be a sissy and be an empath, it’s a lot to deal with on a daily basis There’s an underlying strength to us empaths that others don’t recognize let alone acknowledge. Being bombarded by other people’s stuff, the noise, feeling all of that intensely yet we aren’t completely drowning in it. We recognize it’s too much and withdraw for a bit. That’s strength and power. Those people who aren’t supersensitive cannot comprehend what it is like for us to feel so intensely and passionately 365 days a year (366 in Leap Year;) : could these people, ‘the regular folk’ handle it? Am suspecting the answer would be a resounding no… they’d be basket cases, running to the nearest therapist’s couch to discover why they’re ‘feeling’ so overwhelmed and asking for a pill!
        Yes Ronnie I do get a backlash when I don’t withdraw and recharge! Think my current cold is such a backlash for not recharging;) The cold is a beaut and forced me into withdrawing and recharging. If I’d taken some time to rest and recharge when it was necessary, likely I wouldn’t have got sick!

      2. I want to give you an Amen! Sister! I remember as a kid being treated like I was “delicate.” My Dad even said that. Ironically, I have showed strength most folks couldn’t have endured. Thank you Carol for mentioning this about strength. We need to hear that. And hey, feel better!

  2. That’s right – being an empath is NOT for sissies… when it all gets too much, I just withdraw and recharge…. I do that a lot…. but when I emerge, I am a sight to behold!

  3. I also need to withdraw and recharge when I’m overloaded with all the stuff that is going on around me. Picking up on all that stuff definitely falls into the sucky category;))

  4. Thanks for the Amen, Ronnie:) For some reason, people equate being sensitive with fragility… physical and sometimes mentally:) I always got the feeling I was being talked down to like someone who isn’t quite ‘normal’. Being quiet and reflective does often appear as if someone is not quite present if you get my drift and am pretty sure you do. In a world that values extroversion to the extent it does, it often feels as if a person is not, then they are not ‘normal’ and are treated as if they’re delicate…
    The strength of introverts/sensitives is really quite amazing…I watch extroverts stress out all the time and it’s not a pretty sight — anger, illness, etc They seem to fall apart at the least little thing…of course, they don’t have what we have, thus unable to recognize the signs they’re having a meltdown:)

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