When bad stuff happens in the world, do you feel it?

As an empath, you may have felt, before anything bad happened, a sense of dis-ease. Before the big earthquake in Japan, I felt down and a sense of hopelessness I couldn’t place. I told my one friend a week ago, “Something big is about to happen, earth-wise. I don’t know what yet.” I’m an earth sign, and work closely with the earth, so I guess I picked up the feelings of the ground like I do people or animals.

How do you protect yourself from the pain? Send lots of love, prayers, and healing to Japan, but stay away from the news. If you are visual, don’t even think about looking at photos of devastation. As an empath, you can read into a photo and FEEL, and you don’t need to feel that much pain. It helps no one.

And no, I don’t believe Mother Earth is angry. I believe the earth is changing and shifting fast and furious like us. It’s a giant mirror for each other, so to speak. Sometimes change can look ugly like a homely adolescent that becomes a great beauty. Nurture yourself now with lots of self care and don’t feel the weight of the world.

Ironically, as I write this, I hear Josh Groban’s song, “Don’t Give up.” “Don’t give up. It’s just the weight of the world. When your heart’s heavy, I will it for you. Don’t give up. Because you are loved.”

A little nod from the Angels.


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  1. Yes, yes, yes I definitely feel it when something bad happens in the world!!! This time it’s been an extended period of profound restlessness and some crankiness. The crankiness I initially attributed to picking up on someone else’s irritableness…though there might have been a bit of that too. Have had to really avoid hearing about the situation in Japan. Last night I had nightmares related to the earthquakes though they were forgotten as soon as I woke up. That was probably for the best as I likely would have been consumed by that all day: not good:)

  2. So true πŸ™‚ I realised recently that I can’t read the newspaper full stop or watch the news! I just automatically shy away from it because of all the energy carried with our daily news.

    I wonder as I type this too just how much we pick up from the world around us day to day that impacts on our capacity to think freely about ourselves. That is, am I really seeing my emotions clearly or are they impacted by everyone I deal with day to day. I guess we are all impacted on some level though I am realising that I can’t do readings for much longer because the more sensitive I become with all this vibration raising going on around me, the more tired and run down I am… Just from “sitting in”/tapping into people’s energy fields for short periods of time.

    I have to turn my attention this year to a much broader interaction with people – more universal writings and articles and less one on one work πŸ™‚ I think your reading really sparked this for me – having to think about what services I could continue to offer long term.

    So thanks, you are a wise woman!

    1. Monique, that really makes sense. It’s defining your parameters of how you’ll serve. Years ago when I only did animal readings, I felt it was my duty to do it a certain way and only do readings. I’d do several readings in one day like my colleagues. I was always drained and exhausted. Since this was my gift, I had do this. I burnt out! Now my emphasis is more on serving the way I love to with the art and writing as my mission.

  3. I haven’t watched the news on TV for more than ten years now, and it has served me well. I realized I’ll have to stay away from Facebook too, for some reason people like sharing disaster videos – what’s this, an addiction to tragedy?? I have relatives and friends in Japan so these last disasters make me really upset. I’ll eventually find the strength to pray.

  4. I have had dreams of tsunamis for at least 3 years now. There’s no specific country, city–just that there is no time to save a life and the water is going to win. Whenever I hear about a tsunami tragedy, I feel a cringe in my body.

    I also have dreams of airplanes falling on houses. I can hear the plane descending, the engines getting louder and the silence, even though there is no sound–the silence just cuts everything else out. I haven’t heard anything like this in the news and don’t want to know about it. These disasters are horrible. My heart goes out to the living souls, their families and the lives that have past on in Japan.

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