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I’m having the weirdest day and mysteries solved

This has truly been an odd day. Today’s theme: solving mysteries!

Emma Lou, those of you who read my blog know she’s my basset hound, ate a box of gum yesterday. I still don’t know how she got it out of my purse, which was mostly closed and hanging on my chair hidden under a bunch of coats. I only know there was evidence of the box out in the yard. And, yes, oddly enough, her body must thrive on gum because she’s perfectly fine. That mystery hasn’t been solved yet. I think it has something to do with her very long stomach that made it doable. But grateful, a scary thing was taken care of on its own. (I did give her homeopathy and flower essences for making sure things kept moving.)

This morning, a reader led me to an article on personality disorders that helped me with a clue dealing with a person I knew in the past offering big-time validation. I’m so grateful that guidance came in such a round-about way but solved another mystery why she acted like she did.

I was so exhausted today that when I went to buy t.p. at the grocery store, I used my wrong debit card and thought I overdrawn my other account. If I had just bought the t.p. I’d been fine, but I got cash back without thinking.  Knowing I had a automatic payment coming through for my car insurance, I panicked. I rushed home to check my bank account and thought I just screwed up when I saw a zero balance and would probably have a fee! So I rushed back into town exhausted to the bank and found out all my upset was for naught. The car insurance payment didn’t post yet, and I had checks to deposit to cover what I needed when it did. I didn’t have to solve this one either, it was taken care of by itself.

Back at home, the neighbor mystery was finally solved. What mystery, you ask? My neighbors have been slowly disassembling their mobile home. Out when the porch. Then the shed. Then the bricks under the house. A few trees were moved. The renters were there one day and then gone the next. Then only one came back. It was fascinating to watch and wonder and quite weird. I finally got to talk to the landlords and found out that they sold the old mobile and were putting a new, fancier one in its place, which the landlords would now live in. Sounded like the renters were a bit interesting and there were quite a few stories there.

Overall thought for the day is I love solving mysteries but I especially like when they solve themselves.


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