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Featured Testimony this week

Beautiful Katie

I don’t usually toot my own horn, although I do need to learn to do more of it. Sigh. But this testimony I received today really felt good, and I am so happy that my guidance, and trusting that guidance had saved Katie, so I thought I’d spread the good yummy feelings.

The following really emphasizes how important animal communication is for giving our animals a voice so they can say what they need and feel. I strongly believe that every veterinarian needs to be working with an animal communicator or two to be truly effective. Thank you to Jocelyne and Katie for allowing me to be of service. I was so honored to help.

“On July 12, 2010 – I said good bye to Chelsea, my 18 yr old Siamese. Our time together was an extraordinary experience, filled with unconditional love. Her litter mate and sister, Katie – was heart broken. She would prowl the moonlit nights, howling and looking for Chelsea, and during the day, she would hide, refuse food and really look so so sad. Katie and I had always been very close, and her favorite thing was to nudge Chelsea away, climb into my arms and purr for hours. Now she refused to be picked up – she would turn away from me and the ‘loving purrs’ she would share with me were silent.

I had always promised both of them that they would never suffer for my own selfishness.

And so, when Katie was on day 4 of no food, still in the darkest corner of the closet and the vet still unable to stimulate her appetite, the decision was made to let her go to her sister. When a good friend found out what was about to happen, she insisted I reach out to someone who could help me through my decision and my immense sadness. I was given Ronni’s number and on a sunny Sunday afternoon, less than 24 hours away from the scheduled home euthanasia, Ronni and I connected…. and within minutes, all I heard was: “I do not want to die!!” I could not believe my ears!!! Ronni basically explained that Katie was not ready to go and that she had really bad tummy aches – she wanted to eat but was nauseated – and all I could do was look at Katie and cry with relief!

I reached out to another vet the next morning, one who practices homeopathy as well as regular vet medicine. She actually prescribed an antacid with some homeopathy; she did say I would need to feed her with a syringe to try to stimulate her taste buds and give her lots of love – which I did! This happened in August and here we are in December, and Katie is doing just great! We share lots of cuddles, her appetite is back to normal and she is always up and at the door when I come home. And the best part?? The ‘purrs’ are back with a vengeance!!

Ronni – THANK YOU!!! Had it not been for our phone call, I would have said goodbye to Katie thinking she was too ill to survive. Thank you for giving me more time with Katie because as I am sure you could appreciate, I could not face losing Katie so soon after losing Chelsea. I cannot express in words how utterly grateful I am  – you are a true angel and I hope one day to talk to Chelsea through your insightful compassion and love. “- Jocelyne Monette
Greater Victoria Pet Memorial Center, Victoria BC.

(Be sure to check out my Readings page for info on an animal communication reading with your own dog or cat.)



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