10 Things to help you survive the holiday season

  1. A reminder to have dessert first: buy this comfort card as a gentle reminder.
  2. While you are buying gifts for everyone else, treat yourself to the Care of the Sensitive class, or another class to nurture your natural psychic and healing abilities.
  3. Schedule a reading for you and your dog/cat to help you both get through the holidays.
  4. Buy an original painting to make you smile. Visit my art site and escape for awhile.
  5. Sign up for the Fairy Joy email class. You can’t feel down when you are surrounded by Fairies. The perfect antidote to winter blues.
  6. Collect and laugh at your spam. Make a spam poem.
  7. Make a passion list to remind yourself of what you love. (see below)
  8. Celebrate all your accomplishments and small successes. Look at all that you are grateful for and what you have survived.
  9. Surround yourself with color. Did I mention my Color Healing class for Creative People starting in January?
  10. Realize this too will pass: buy the reminder here.

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