Welcome Pikaland & Facebook Visitors

Many artists are very sensitive. I know. I’ve been an artist since I could pick up a crayon, and could always feel things very deeply, and sense things others could not.

I’d been a professional animal communicator for many years before exploring my other psychic “talents.” Through the years I’ve combined my artistic/designing talent with my psychic teaching–my two favorite worlds.

Take a look around. Take the Are You A Sensitive? quiz. Read the Letter to the Sensitives. Then it’s time to have fun. Sign up for a creative yet informative illustrative class to develop that gift you have, whether in healing with Nature, talking to animals, or being a closet medium. You can sign up for my very popular Care of the Sensitive class to befriend your sensitivity while reaquainting yourself to the nature world, or book a reading to get guidance from your Guides about your artistic path. But be sure to stop by the holiday store. There’s some really cool illustrations and designs you will truly dig in my holiday empowerment packages including my Doglover package, and art journal pages. Or, you might even enjoy my zine which includes illustration combined with exploring the psychic/spirit world.

Thanks for stopping by!