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Books on after death communication part 1

First off, a big, grateful thank you for the current round of students. What a wonderful group of ladies you are. One wrote such a lovely review you can read here. I offer many courses here and would love to have you as a student!

Speaking of students, I am always learning so I can pass along information to my students. Because of this mission, I had a lovely visit to Sedona’s Public libary recently. (They have THE best book sale every year, incidently.)

I’ve started my research on the new books, or books I missed, on after death communication and mediumship, one of my passions.

Here’s my list:

Rosemary Altea’s  A Matter of Life and Death (I haven’t seen a book by her in awhile. This one promises stories of helping others heal and grieve.

Gary Leon Hill’s People Who Don’t Know They’re Dead. Just dig the title. About spirit attachments. This one looks juicy.

Dan Gordon’s Postcards from Heaven. Personal story about after death communication. I’ve never seen this book before. Will see…

Mary Ann Winkowski’s When Ghosts Speak. I love the tv show Ghost Whisperer. Not happy it got cancelled. I was curious about the psychic it is based on, so I was led to this book.

(Great segue. This would be a good time to mention my Mediumship readings and Animal Mediumship online class.)

In another future post, I will give my reviews and recommendations. I want to see if these books add up to what I’ve experienced and have learned. If you’ve read one of these, feel free to comment with your review.



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