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Watch what you watch

After a very cool art show that I was a part of, I came home exhausted, and instead of relaxing and unloading, I did the opposite of self-care. I watched Paranormal State.

Ordinarily, I like that show and it’s good entertainment. But, I was pretty open and excited from the effects of the day that included leftover nerves, and being exposed to a lot of people’s energies. My best defense should have been to relax and clear out. But, no, being an excitement-seeking sensitive, I grabbed for more stimulation.

As I mentioned, I like that show. I love when Chip Coffey comes in and gives his mediumship hits. I love how the gang comes in to investigates and help the family in need. What I’m not thrilled about is when Lorraine Warren comes in and labels every haunting a demon. I’d love to label every bad feeling or impulse I’ve ever had as a demon. Then I could simply exorcise myself. How cool would that be? Most of the shows I watched in the series were not demons–in my opinion–but people’s well-developed fears that become thought-forms, or in the case I watched, someone’s mental illness. There’s also a great deal of creating fear. Many hauntings are just people–dead people–behaving badly, who need serious boundaries.

I think years ago, people were burning witches for psychic ability, and casting out demons from folks who had mental illness. Haven’t we evolved a little more than that? Than our own fears? I guess as a teacher, my biggest frustration is lack of educated people. How quick many are to go into ignorance than find wisdom.

Watching that show and being an open empath, stirred up my own fears, and gave me nightmares. Much of the fear was from the folks I watching on tv!

There were lots of lessons learned there. A reminder as an empath I need to give myself special self care. With gifts come taking care of those gifts. I need to be careful about what I take in and that includes what shows I watch. Watching someone else’s fear means I will be picking up on fear. Isn’t it better choice to surround myself with wisdom instead?



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2 thoughts on “Watch what you watch

  1. as a fellow empath, I know exactly what you are talking about in this blog! Really limit what I watch on television, how much I watch and also when (time of day) I watch. Actually I’ve cut the amount of television I watch…period. I can see my choices being whittled away in the future so that the only thing I view are cooking shows and home decorating programs:) I am being tongue in cheek with this, sort of…
    Am enjoying your blogs so much, it’s great to have the thoughts of another empath to read!!!

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