Signs You’ve Been Visited By a Ghost

In honor of Halloween, I share the signs I’ve noticed when a ghost or spirit is visiting, in case this holiday you may have a visit of your own.

  1. Your smoke detector goes off. The other day I was talking out loud to my departed mom hoping for a response. Next thing that happened was my smoke detector started to beep and then wheeze. Ordinarily I would think this was a symptom of a dying battery, but my psychic spot on my head ached at the same time. Our loved ones can manipulate things in the environment especially electrical or mechanical devices. Years ago, my Mom visited and a music box she had given my husband–a cute fire engine whose ladder would go up and down–began playing with no assistance. Oh, and the detector never made another sound after that.
  2. Your head hurts. As I previously mentioned, if you are psychically in-tuned, you may have a part of your body that announces the presence of a ghost or other-world-ly. Some folks get chills, others stomach flip-flops, my head will ache. My head will ache a lot if a spirit really wants my attention. I have a different head ache if a spirit is around that is negative. This is a good warning for me. The ache will also be present with the stomach flip-flop.
  3. The dog acts weird. There’s been some nights where this place has been Grand Central Station with ghost visits. Emma Lou seems to flow with whatever is occurring, but Sarah, my little sensitive, will pace the hallways, agitated.
  4. Intrusive, recurring thoughts. This could be your own OCD, or you have an intruder bothering you. If the thoughts seems foreign to you or separate, or even a negative running commentary, simply ask your new friend to take a walk. Sometimes, I have a need for cigarette. In the empath world, I am either picking up on my bff Wendy, or it’s one of my smoker departed loved ones. (I must mention, I don’t smoke at all).
  5. Seeing shadows. Not too long ago in this blog, I wrote about my aunt visiting. This was the second time I witnessed a shadow in front of me. The first was seen in a local seance when a healing ghost stood in front of me and blocked out the candle behind her.
  6. You hear them. If you are clairaudient (clear hearing), you may hear with your inner ear the ghost’s voice. (see #4). This is a great way to ask the spirit what message he/she has for you or to find out who is visiting and why.

Ghosts are just people in their spirit suits

If you have a spirit visiting, if it feels like friend or foe, remember, you are in charge. Ghosts are just people in their spirit suits. You wouldn’t let anyone barge through your front door. Create boundaries. Let them know what is okay or not okay. When my aunt visited and scared the socks off of me, I made it very clear that visits were nice, but not hovering over my bed at night. Seriously creepy.

In an amateur ghost investigation that I took part of, one of the investigators was psychically very open. Spirits love this. The ghost was holding her arm and not letting go. This wasn’t some evil entity trying to harm her, but someone very anxious to be known. BUT, this was scaring her and not very nice social behavior. In a situation like that, it’s perfectly necessary and acceptable to tell the ghost to back off and that it was not okay to do that. If some creepy guy wanted my attention at a party and grabbed my arm, you know I’d make my objection known.

Happy ghost visits.

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  1. Hi. I have always got the feeling that i am being watched in my home. It kinda of freaks me out sometimes, but i just act as if it doesn’t bother me. The other night i woke up, my body was tingly, i felt i couldnt move, or even open my eyes. I tried to yell but could only get out a whisper. I didnt think anything of it, Until it happened again last night. I fell asleep on my couch, my mother sleeping on the chair accross the room, And i felt the same way. I felt tingly all through my body, couldnt open my eyes, and tried to scream “mom” over and over and could only seem to whisper. I than tried to move my right arm accross to my chest but it felt as if someone was trying to pull it back twice as hard. My mom moved than it went away than came right back to the same thing. Finally my mom got up and came over to me and it went away as if it never even happened. It was 11:22pm when i got out of it and i still can’t tell you what it is ..

    1. Hi Christina, I’d first rule out sleep paralysis which is a physical thing that can happen to folks. I don’t know too much about it but it’s right up there with sleepwalking and falls under sleep disorders. Another option is you are really out there in the astral and have a hard time getting back in. That can be really scary. You think you are in but you are still in the sleep state. I always rule out the simple or the physical first. If you do have a spirit who wants your attention, and you lean towards being a physical medium, set some boundaries! It’s not okay to hold you down or be that physical with you. Do a little research online. Hope that helps you get started with answers.

  2. Hi Ronni! Earlier this year, I felt as if someone had gently brushed their hand on my forearm. The hairs on my arm were standing straight up. I know that when the hairs stand up, it’s the sign of a spirit. I wonder if it was my Grandmom who was visiting me. My mom also had a similar experience. Was not a scary thing, just something that definitely got my attention 🙂

    1. Hi Ben. Had something like that last night. Got what I call a spirit hug–little chills up and down my legs. Sounds like the equivalent of what you got from your visiting relative. Next time ask if it is your Grandmom and for a sign. Fun and helpful to get that spirit communication going.

  3. i have a ghost in my house by the name of pete. he was shot here but did not live here. he was apparently having an affair with the lady of the house and her husband came home and got in a fight with pete and shot him dead. he has been in this house for over 30 years at least. over the last several months he has realized that i can sense him here. i can’t see him but I can hear him talking to me although it comes out like a whisper so i can never make out what he says and i always feel him moving around. he has since attached himself to me to the point where he goes out when i leave the house and sits at the bottom of my bed at night when i sleep to coming in the bathroom with me. i have asked him and told him to leave me alone but he won’t. what do I do? i’ve already had the house blessed by my pastor and a catholic priest and pete is still here. he’s not mean or anything but I just do not want this attachment.

    1. Jodi, what a pesky guy! I wonder what unfinished business he has that he is still hanging around. You need a psychic or tune in yourself and try to find out. But the following around stuff, not cool. You wouldn’t let a person do that. Set some serious boundaries and take back your house. Be really firm and let him know your limits LOUD on what is not acceptable, just like you would with a person doing those things. He needs to go into the light and get out of limbo. Be very assertive with him. Call in Archangel Michael to escort him away and his loved ones that have crossed over to come help him over. See if that helps…

      1. I’ve already tried that. I have a friend that is a medium and she tells me to ignore him and don’t acknowledge him. I’ve tried that too. she said his energy is too weak for me to be able to ever hear what he is saying and when she talks to him she said it comes out as a whisper. I’ve told him to stay out of the bathroom and my bedroom and to stop following me around but yet he’s still there. i’ve got him on voice recorder saying he’s with me all the time. fromm what the medium says, i have 2 in the house and the other one is not so nice but i haven’t had any trouble lately. i dont’ know what to do for him to help him and i keep telling him that but now that he knows i’m aware of him he’s like stuck at the hip no matter what i say. i’ve called on st. michael and my pastor tells me to include “pete’ in my prayers every night in hopes that he will go into the light but he tells my medium friend he isn’t going anywhere..

      2. You need the big guns. Can you approach Ghosthunters, or Paranormal State show? Or a medium that lives nearby that specifically gets rid of “visitors”? My gut says to figure out what he needs to move on; he’s following you around from some reason whether for help, answers, or company. You are obviously a natural medium yourself to pick it up.

  4. You should definitely contact the Paranormal State show on A&E. Here is their site

    They seem to have a high success rate of helping people with similar problems and assisting the spirits in moving on into the light. It’s so mysterious why spirits stick around on earth when they can move onto to a much better place. Please keep us posted on this! Stay strong!

    1. Chip definitely seems to be very in tune with the spirit world. Another thing I find especially myserious is when I hear about the spirits of children. You’d think that an angel or a loved one would be able to help them cross over, but they too seem to get stuck here. It’s a shame that any spirit that should go to Heaven either can’t make the transition or resists it while clinging to what they had here.

      1. I guess the reason why they do get stuck is probably as varied as why we get stuck in our stuff here. Don’t you think? I was told by one psychic that they are all eventually helped moved on. Almost like, it’s enough already!

  5. i’ve already given my information to paranormal state when they came to town at the college. I dont’ expect to hear back from them as they said they are very busy. I have had my medium friend here several times. she said he does follow me around for the company and that he is not here to harm anyone and just wants to keep the peace. i just get frustrated sometimes cause i want to be alone and i’ve expressed that to him but he’s just always there. i’m not sure how to enhance my gift and i can never seem to get the help I need in doing so from my medium friend and i’ve asked many times. she just tells me it will get better as I go along. well okay, but how do I make it better. he’s talking to me but I can’t make out what he says cause she tells me his energy level is way too low for me to ever make out what he says and that i never will.. not sure what to do.

  6. You need another medium who can help you perhaps who lives nearby who can come into the house. I’d put some feelers out.

    Only thing I can do is offer my online class in Mediumship to develop your abilities. I am not sure what she means by the energy being too low. You are already picking up on him, so it’s a matter of tuning in.

  7. she’s now telling me that what I have in my house is NOT a human spirit but in fact she says I brought it home with me when we went to check out an old abandoned coal mine last year and that it is a demon and that I am not to communicate with it and she recommends I get the house cleansed and bring a catholic priest in again. she says she wont’ bring her paranormal group in to try to help me cause she knows me. I don’t know anyone else around here who can help cause the other group here tells me to go to church and get closer with my husband. go figure.

    1. Oh my! Doesn’t sound like that, does it? Definitely find another medium. And go find the book “Ghosts Among Us” by James Van Praagh. It has some great, practical advice that won’t scare you.

  8. I am a empath and lstnite iwas visited by my late unlce tonio. he has ben dead for yrs now iused to dream about him alot. anyways im sleep den all a sudden i feel sumone sit down beside me so i jumped up. quickly i fall back asleep and i wake up to my uncle pulling out my body. im thinking he help me astral project. while im on the couch lookn at myself rising. i suddenly end up in butler al. tats where my family is from. then isee my uncle walkn towards me he says to me. its ben along time. isaid yes it has we hugged. it felt so warm and beautiful because i love and miss my uncle dearly. then my grandmother appears we talk bt i cant really remeber the rest. then i feel myself being pulled back into my body.. this experiencence was very real and i know it from my heart.

  9. firstly im the biggest sceptic …
    but 2 years ago when working i was in the Middle east , in the villa one night i saw this woman hovering above my bed .. she was about 30ish blone hair in a bob , but couldnt see her face no detail . could only make out her clothes ….but never really thought about it again ..

    the night before last me and my wife had been in bed 10 mins , im facing one way she facing the other .. and there she was again .. same woman …

    but this time she had her finger to her lips asif to say ssssshhh be quiet .. then pointed at my wife …… then waved at me to go with her ….

    and the funny thing is ive seen her both times when i was really down.

    the firt time i just tried to find a explanation imagining it etc . but this time its different.

    shes coming for a reason isnt she ? but what ?

  10. Some 5 months ago I awoke screaming I felt something in my bedroom I was terrified didn,t see anything but felt something in the room and it felt very bad.I was left with a bruise on my left foot and I felt like it was pulling me from the bed my legs ached for days after that.Have I been visited by a spirit it didn,t feel like a nice one at all.I live alone in a flat in GLasgow it was the most frightening experience I have ever had.Did something visit me? Iain

    1. Were you in the in between state? The hypnagogic state- between sleeping and awake? That’s possible also. There are some nasty spirits, just like nasty people. Why would one just come and visit? That seems odd to me unless there was already an entity living in your house, or you played around with a ouija board.

  11. I just wanna share a story i dont know if i was actually visited. Im thirteen and i swear to god im not lying about any of this. This all happend today. I was laying in my bed wacthing tv and was angry at my friend. I kept angry thinking about her and wasnt even paying attention to the tv and i was sorta falling asleep but i wasnt completley alsleep. Suddenly i saw like a face i cant fully describe. It was a very pale white face. It looked angry yet its face had a softnesss to it, It scared me alot. I tried to yell for my sister but when i tried to i couldnt speak. I realized that i couldnt move at all. I started telling god im so sorry for wishing badly about my friend or whatever I had done wrong. The third time i starte slowly gaining the abililty to move. The face was gone and the only person i told about this was my little sister. Was this a real spirit.

    1. Sounds like you were in that in=between state, where we go in meditation or space between sleeping and waking. Could be a clairvoyant vision, you could have connected to a spirit — your anger to an angry spirit. You’re safe. It’s like you tuned in psychically to a radio frequency of this spirit or to the anger, or even to your friend.

  12. My smoke alarm keeps going off only around me and no I’m not on fire or anything, the battery is changed to a brand new one as well. A month or so ago I was able to contact someone who passed tragically thru a psychic medium. I have to wonder if it is him since the alarm only goes off around me!

    Incidentally, minutes before I had my reading with the medium the smoke alarm went off as well.

    I wonder what he is trying to communicate to me or is he just letting me know he is around?

  13. Over a year ago, an entity of some sort grabbed my ankles and pulled me down my bed. After that, it visited first on a weekly basis, then more frequently on an every-other-day basis.
    Each visit was different and on only one occasion did it occur with my husband in the bed. On several occasions, while lying on my back, it would walk or jump on my bed with both feet on either side of my body. Once, I felt it standing on my right with its toes between my mattress and ribs.On another occasion, it shook my mattress from the top left corner (my husband’s side). Then, things got more intense.
    The visits were being preceded by a feeling of terror, of some dark force watching me before tormenting me. It laid its weight on my upper body (shoulder and head) and I used the Lord’s prayer “In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke you spirit” and it left. I tried to sleep on the couch after my husband left one morning. I faced the wall, surrounded by all 3 of my dogs, and as I drifted I suddenly felt pressure on either side of my neck, as if a hand were clamping down. Again, I used the Lord’s prayer, inlcuding an expletive of force and it was gone just as suddenly as it came. I also experienced the sensation of this entity through smell, although my first thought was “asphalt”. I later recognized the smell as that of sulphur. This was also the only experience with my husband in the bed. Only later did I get a chance to see this apparition as a swirling black vortex above my bed.
    I researched all I could, only to come up with “sleep paralysis”, which is only half of what I’m experiencing. I can, in fact, move. I can move my head, open my eyes, and sit up. Although I feel extraordinarily heavy, I am not paralyzed. I do, however, experience one symptom described by sleep paralysis that seems to be a pre-indicatorof this occurence which is a buzzing. For me, this buzzing is met with feelings of dread. I have the choice of either slipping further into sleep and facing it, or waking up. When facing it, the buzzing of electricity that almost feels like something is ripping through my brain from another dimension or parallel reality so that it can enter the realm of the physical and manifest itself in a way that it can manipulate my surroundings.
    I met a minister who helped me by praying for me. Within 2 weeksof meeting her, these “events” stopped. From August of 2012 until this morning, I have been “event” free.
    This morning was different, although not at first. I felt the buzzing, ripping feeling accompanied by terror, and I prayed to God, knowing that he would watch over me and keep me safe, so I decided to drift down further and face it. I was lying on my right side, facing the opposite side of the bed. Once I was resolved to facing this head on and the buzzing stopped, I felt the weight of a hand on top of the blanket, touching my foot, almost caressing the way a loved one would for a sick child. After several moments, I felt the same thing on my hip. I was no longer afraid, only curious to see if it was, in fact, a loved-one who has passed on. So I looked and saw no one. With that, I fell into a restful sleep, undisturbed for several more hours.
    There isn’t much more I can do to try to explain this. I don’t know if it’s a different circumstance with a different visitor. I’m not out to prove anything to anyone. I’m only sharing my experience with the hope of being able to find some understanding of what is happening to me. I plan to visit with my minister friend at the end of the week and maybe I won’t have anymore experiences until then, if I’m lucky.
    If any of you have some words of wisdom, please feel free to share them with me.

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