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Boundaries for Blog Comments

I’d like to take the time to set some boundaries for your visit here at my blog. I offer my services and what I have learned as a teacher to help others on their path. A large goal in blogging, of course, is to express what I have to share, but,  this is also my business with hopes that I will make a good living in return for offering myself and so much of my energy. Keeping that in mind, when you do comment, here are some guidelines.

  1. I love when other teachers visit my site and like what I have to offer or find comfort or resources. We need each other as support and it always feels good to not be alone and especially when we can help each other. But please do not use my blog as a forum for your practice or business. That’s what your blog and website is for. (I do hope when I comment I add something to the blogs I visit and don’t detract from that teacher’s message or students.) If you have something you can offer my readers and students, I’d be happy to exchange links in my Blogroll so others have access to more resources. I do believe that the students we are meant to reach find us and go to the right teacher for them so they will find you in other ways that they are guided.
  2. I love the one spam comment I got that said something like “This is a very great observation but I am so high right now.” That was priceless. Thank you for the laugh.
  3. Thank you to Akismet for stopping all the spam comments that come through. I don’t and most of my readers, I hope, do not want to see Brittany Spears naked or women doing nasty things to fruit. This isn’t really the forum for that. I also don’t see how Viagra half off or selling car equipment even remotely relates to my blog, but that’s just me. Maybe I’m not seeing the correlation. Maybe, some folks after reading about psychic exploration get more randy.
  4. If you do blog comment for help, I always try to respond here or if I feel it needs to be more personal, I will email you with some help or resource. My main intention is always to help, educate and comfort. Let me know if you were missed along the way and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  5. And finally, I LOVE when folks repost my blog posts (with site mention of course) or pass along something I wrote that has helped or moved you. It’s pretty much nirvana for me as a writer. So, thank you!

Of note: after posting this, I got a spam comment from Car Rims: “ghost ride that whip.” Thank you to Car Rims for reading this boundary post. You took it to heart, and really put some thought into your comment that totally applies to what I wrote all while trying to sell car rims. Kudos to you.



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