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I’m sensitive to stuff

As a sensitive, I am sensitive to many things. It’s not that I’m a little delicate flower who can’t survive in the world, in fact, I’m quite strong. My body is fine-tuned and knows when something toxic shouldn’t be in there. For instance:

  • My body seems to know when added MSG is in my food. My head will hurt, I will feel spacey and a little whoozy. I once had an MSG high for an hour in a chinese restaurant. This is probably a good thing. Why would I want a chemical unknowingly added to my food?
  • Extra perfumes in my makeup or lotions beware! I will rash in protest.
  • Lots of bad stuff in the milk or meat? I’ll be the first to let you know.
  • Someone just clean the store I just walked into with toxic chemicals? On comes the sneezing.

I used to think that there was something wrong with me. But what if there is something wrong with our world? Are we supposed to be all chemically enhanced and just be okay with it? Have we gotten so numb to our environment we don’t even react to what is toxic in it? And this applies to all aspects of our lives.  Becoming more aware and awake is a good thing. Becoming more sensitive, then, is also.



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