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Broken Leg Theory

Broken Leg Theory

I have a really cool set of spiritual Guides/Angels. They put up with a lot when they signed up for being my Guides. In the past year, I have been irritable and nasty and have screamed at them many times, but their guidance has continued to help me through most of the challenges.
I wanted to know why I had to live through such a traumatic year, as have many of my friends and loved ones. I know all about the theories of life lessons speeding up as we get closer to 2012, so we have a great deal of “stuff” to tackle and get rid of. My Guides, always simple and to the point, but profound, explained to me the Broken Leg theory. If you broke your leg ten years back, and it never really set in place correctly, when it rains you hurt tremendously. You still can’t walk in a straight line without wobbling a little to the left. That’s because it never healed. You may have barreled through the healing process and didn’t attend to your needs or your feelings.
Right now, in our lives, we are being asked to heal all the proverbial broken legs that never set right–the issues we ignored and stuffed down, the childhood stuff that affected us throughout adulthood, and the patterns we never addressed. It isn’t pretty. It’s all up. It’s our last chance to really heal.



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