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15 Things that drive me crazy

Everyone has them. The things that drive you crazy. It’s the little things that in themselves, are not that big a deal but combined can make a bad day.

Here’s my Top 15 Pet Peeves:

  1. Things. Sometimes I love things and other times I fight with things. Those are times when I am getting out of the car and my bags fall on the ground. Or, when you are in a hurry and can’t get things thrown fast enough into your purse. Or, trying to get dressed fast.
  2. Getting dressed fast after taking off a wet bathing suit.
  3. When Facebook is running too slow. I tend to yell at the screen.
  4. When I say what I do and someone says, I know an animal communicator in Sedona. Do you know her? First of all, there are lots of psychic teachers and psychics, especially in Sedona. That’s like saying you have an aunt in Texas and do I know her? Second of all, each intuitive and teacher is very different in what they offer, just like each doctor or dentist.  For some reason, that pushes some buttons.
  5. Headcolds. What is the point?
  6. The Guidance Clinic in Prescott Valley and Cottonwood. Avoid, avoid, avoid. These folks need to be sued about three hundred times. They are not helping the children. They are hurting families. That felt good to say.
  7. The word “aguably.”
  8. Credit scores. What a bunch of bull crap. Today most folks have lost their homes or their cars. It just feels like “shame” score.
  9. Trying to find my glasses in the dark. I need glasses to find my glasses.
  10. When the computer doesn’t type as fast as I do. That really drives me crazy. My mind goes so fast, I’d like my computer to be at least as fast.
  11. Not being respected for my abilities just because you don’t believe in psychics. I sure am not going to prove to you what I can do. Psychic ability for me is right up there with breathing, sleeping, and eating. It’s that natural. It isn’t some “super-natural” ability.
  12. Rigid religions that think their way IS the way. There are many roads to truth. Don’t tell me how to believe or what to believe. And especially don’t tell me what to believe so you will accept me.
  13. Being lied to.
  14. Incontinent beagles.
  15. PMS. Again, what is the purpose?


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