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Being Seen

How many of us were not seen as children? Our parents were too busy with their own stuff to really see our talents, our gifts, or who we are. Maybe they had a tough life and were protecting us by thinking we needed to be something else. Some of us were lucky and had that blessing and may be thriving now with that support. But what if you’ve never felt that?

I wrote a book awhile back of children’s stories. One of them was called “The Hair Dog.” In the story, from a day of miracles a dog is made from a pile of dog hair. He spends most of the story quite invisible to his newfound family and maybe even a nuisance, until one day he meets the rest of his kind where he’s truly seen and appreciated. (See the book here.) At the time I wrote it I didn’t know it was coming from a deeper place inside of me. I just had a whimsical story to tell.

The other night I watched one of my favorite movies, Avatar. There’s the romantic love scene when Jake says, “I see you” to Neytiri. We’re blown away by this moment, and can literally feel the deep love he has for her pop off the screen. In healing circles we say “Namaste.” You acknowledge the light/soul you see in another. Empaths see the world at a deeper level. Once we get past our own sh*t, we are able to really see another and the love can feel intense. We see their light in spite of all the other “stuff” in the way. We may even want to run away from it, but we still feel it. Then we get frustrated and upset when they can’t really see us because of their stuff that gets in the way. We’ve been there, we know. You just hope they can get to the other side of it.

Emma Lou, my basset girl, is great at being seen. I could have used her talents growing up. She makes an entrance into the room and if you are too busy to see her, she firmly yet gently pushes your arm and hand onto her back. She knows and is unembarassed by needing to be seen.

I thought recently why I went into the work of animal communication. One of the big reasons was I felt the animals didn’t have a voice. They weren’t seen! I felt huge satisfaction when I could translate the animal’s needs and its life transformed positively.

Bottom line, I think that is what we are all looking for. We want to be deeply loved, honored and seen for who we are, and have it be more than enough. Not that is should be embellished, or changed, or molded, or be something else to please, or to have to compete with anyone else, but to bask in the feeling that we are, just as we are, bright little stars.

Maybe it is as simple as finally being seen by ourselves.  Seeing how deeply special each one of us is.

Namaste dear reader.



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