Narcissist article & energy vampires

My Guides are teaching me the importance of spotting energy vampires. As an empath, these folks are our worst enemies. And to the energy vampires, we are like Thanksgiving feasts, so eager to step in and assist.

Read a good article by fellow sensitive, Judith Orloff, today. Narcissists are one form of energy vampires.  I know how hard working with and loving one is, especially with no prior knowledge. She outlines some good suggestions on how to deal with folks with this issue.

And, big thank you to one reader who referred the following article inadvertantly:



3 thoughts on “Narcissist article & energy vampires

  1. Thanks for posting this link. If I’d realized my ex/husband was a total narcissist and energy vampire years ago I would have saved myself a lot of grief!

  2. I never realized that narcissists were energy vampires, but it makes perfect sense. It drains your energy when you always have to try pleasing them and stroking their egos. (My mother was a full blown narcissist). Thanks for posting this.

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