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What is a psychic empath?

What exactly is a psychic empath? You know you are a psychic empath if:

  • You walk into a room and you can feel if the air is heavy or light, if there was an argument in the room, or if someone is sad. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming.
  • You walk down the mall and you feel unbalanced or unsteady from the barrage of others’ feelings and emotions. (I used to call this my Walmart headache because I felt it every time I went there to shop).
  • You know your dog or cat is feeling stressed or sad because you can feel it. Sometimes, you confuse the feeling as your own. You may even feel other people’s ailments.
  • You may have a sensitive stomach, or have reactive skin to your environment.
  • Too much activity in your environment=crazy feelings inside you, nervousness, frustration, and major ADD.
  • You can merge with a person, plant or animal, and see from its perspective.
  • You tell yourself or someone has told you, you are too sensitive and need to “toughen up.”

Bottom line definition: psychic empaths experience the world from what they feel. And what they feel includes an enormous psychic information ready to be tapped into. We see below the layers.


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  1. I am an empath and even though it is a great gift Can also be exhausting. Because I have found it unbearable to live with a significant other It is also costly being single And having a Roomate forget about it
    I am older now Sober 28 1/2 yrs
    And being aware of it Helps
    Can’t afford e-book But maybe some good suggested reading I can order from library

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