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Feeling Energies/Locating Animals

I learned an important lesson today. If we lead with our minds, we are dragged in the wrong direction. But if we follow what we feel….

Every day I take Speedy the tortoise out of his cage and plop him down on the floor. He usually makes a few rounds around the house before venturing through the pet door, down the pet ramp meant for Sarah (who still doesn’t use it), and onto the yard. Most of the problem happens when I am not watching him and have to determine if he is in the house or outside the house. That isn’t always easy–he hides behind doors, between the washer and dryer, and under beds, just for fun or to mess with me.

Today as I was working on my website and avoiding creating, Speedy made it out the door. Halfway through working I heard “The Turtle!” (probably Emma Lou). Searching the house, I couldn’t find him anywhere. I grabbed Emma Lou and we couldn’t find him outside either. (Emma was so cute. When I asked her to find the turtle she barked a few times, calling him.) This was unusual because he is usually visible walking somewhere. I said a little prayer to my Angels and in exasperation, I sat down on a tie next to the swing on the ground. Right next to me, literally next to me, almost hidden under a pile of leaves I saw a hint of a turtle shell! He was right next to me! If I hadn’t  set down for a moment, I wouldn’t have found him.

Was it a weird coincidence? Well, no. I felt his energy. I registered his energy. I was pulled to that energy. It’s using advanced empathy to connect to loved ones and is very helpful for finding lost animals. If I had used my head, I’d still be looking, I am sure.

from Help for the Sensitive in an Insensitive world, the book I am creating, and Advanced Animal Communication class from Fairy Online School.



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