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An Empath Goes To The Movies

Anyone who knows me knows that I love movies. I dig the story. One of my guilty pleasures has been joining Netflix. So, for my new blog feature, I rate the movies for sensitivity level and appeal. Here’s my reviews from a Sensitive’s point of view of the latest movies I watched:

  1. Coco Before Chanel

I didn’t dig this movie. I love clothes and fashion, but this one dragged on and on. And I usually love Audrey Tatou of Amelie fame, but she frowned a great deal and brooded through most of the 2 hours, which contrasted with her Amelie portrait of optimism. When the writers introduce the car, you already know what is coming.

Sensitive rating: 7 for too much emotional angst that an empath may walk away feeling.

2. UP

What a fun and upbeat, feel good movie. For dog lovers, you will love the “talking” dogs. The writers must be dog parents because they “get” their unique point of view. I like the message carried throughout the movie of finding family however it comes and the take on aging with truly living.

Sensitive rating: 2 for a little sadness in the beginning. (The beginning really hit a nerve with me.) Possible animal cruelty but the animals are protected and saved in the long run so safe to watch.

And 3. Big sensitivity warning this week.

Don’t watch A Haunting: the series.

Sensitive rating: 10 I actually had the worst migraine watching this show recently. Like most of us, much of my sensitivity has increased. The slightest  negativity wreaks havoc on my system. Reactments of actual hauntings, much that are negative and highly violent, are the fare for this show. I did not know this going in. When the Warrens come in and proclaim every haunting is a demon, a part of me check outs. Stay away Sensitives.

Until next time…

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