Honoring Foxy



A year ago on January 31st, my dear friend and angel, Foxy Cleopatra crossed over. In honor of her today, I post these pictures. She has visited many times through this very tough year. Crap, if I knew the year was going to be that hard, I would have went with her! Gratefully, 2009 is over. She was a wonderful teacher, friend, and companion and miss her physical presence.


2 thoughts on “Honoring Foxy

  1. Hello Ronnie,

    It’s VERY nice to meet you. Sounds like it was meant to be!
    So much in common already.. Don’t know where to even begin..Scooter (picture), Lauren (24/7 PMS lol), or duck energy..
    or what more?

    Hope this makes sense, I think it will.
    Look forward to talking more if you would like.

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