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Energy report:Freakin’ Weird energy

Well, the energies are weird. I don’t know if it is just me, since my own family is going through so much, but it does seem rampant among friends and acquaintances.

In dance class today, I walked into the room and my normally friendly group were closed down and cranky. One student looked at me and sighed, “I’m having a really bad day.” Oh, can relate!

Maybe it is the economy which seems rather stagnant, or the strong energies coming through doing clean sweeps through our lives. It’s an opportunity to heal rather big things that were never healed, pointing at this and that,  if we can withstand the pressure and have the courage. One common symptom–your mind can’t shut off! That’s because we are processing so much right now. There’s downloads of where we are supposed to be and more insights on what we need to truly heal. That’s a great deal of information! And the nasty people are getting nastier. If we continue to try to educate them and heal them, we will be down with the nasties, feeling what they feel, and that ain’t right. Say your peace from that higher place, and walk away!

Call on your Angels whether in human or cosmic forms, fellow lightseekers. Ask for the support. We need it right now.



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One thought on “Energy report:Freakin’ Weird energy

  1. Could not agree more! Extra patience has been required with others, but moreso with myself. I guess I’ve been isolating somewhat, been working from home.. and find that I really miss being around people during the day.

    So, I seek out people from my spiritual family, to spend time with …

    With the chronic stress that exists today, I’ve heard it said “Isolation Kills, and Community Heals”. I’m very blessed to have alot of like minded people around me, I definitely cherry pick the people and the amount of time that I want to spend with them.


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